I am an Irish woman married to an Egyptian. Can he marry again there?

I need help can Egyptian marry in Egypt without notice to first wife Irish woman

yes he can its easy but marrying again in egypt is a big burden and costy

Don't worry , if he is going to take this step , then he will go among many procedures related to  your marriage
And just know it kinda depends on his marriage's contract ,, like registration , or other forms .
Notifying you before any step , is legally important.. It will not prevent the marriage , but will build a lot of  rights on your side 
Finally my advice is be calm , stand and ask for  your rights as a wife &  for any advantages or benefits developed according to your marriage contract 
This procedures may push him to think

Really!  Any man who takes a second wife has thought about it. There are no repercussions for the man. In Egypt he can do what he wants. Most of the time they don't even tell their first wife that they have married again

Could he easily cheat on me there and I would be none the wiser? It's eating away at me please help my mind is in overdrive I do not believe the days which he is staying there is enough time to get married but could he cheat on me there and his family would accept it?

If he marries again he would have to inform me if I travel there again surely he can not hide her in the family home I've already being to the family home and his home I don't know the system

lynneroy2002 :

Really!  Any man who takes a second wife has thought about it. There are no repercussions for the man. In Egypt he can do what he wants. Most of the time they don't even tell their first wife that they have married again

... man's thought about 2nd marriage sounds  different in front  of legal offices and courts , than taking decision while just walking around

You must have you head in the sand. If they want to marry , 3 or 4 times they will. They just keep it a secret. There is no formality here in Egypt to prove if a man is married or not. If he says no he is not they believe him.

How is it possible to marry 3 or 4 where will they stay how could he hide all from each other in not sure how easy it would be in Egypt to do that

They all live in different villages

If he lives in the "family house" sometimes the wives each have their own apartments  to these women its like having sisters. They don't really care if the husband sleeps in their house each  night, as long as they have money for food clothes etc. I am speaking about village ways. Village life is much different from living in Cairo, maadi,etc.
The people continue to live and think like their fore fathers. They have not yet met the new world. But just remember he can if he is Egyptian man he CAN have Four Wives legally

Well if he did this to me his balls would want to be made of steel let me tell you no way wrong on so many levels but I am confident enough I would find out as an Irish women prob the same as the FBI when it comes to things like this lol he's pretty honest with me but I can't help but worry have you had a personal experience yourself lynn?

Yes he can it's easy for him to do but if you married in cairo then by law if your Irish or british he can only be married to you good luck babe

Not if he has married a English woman

Sorry but I think what you said is misleading   If he is Egyptian man he can still marry Egyptian woman even though he married a British woman. And he doesn't even have to tell her

Yes, he can marry again in Egypt without telling his first wife.
In Egypt, his marriage to the second wife is legal, but in the UK it will not be legal because polygamy is illegal there.

It's not uncommon for men to have a second wife in Egypt.
A British friend of mine who was married to an Egyptian man found out that her husband had been married to another woman for over 6 years, and his family knew. When my friend would go over to Egypt on holidays, the second wife would stay at her parents house, and the husband asked his family and friends to keep quiet about this second marriage because he didn't want  his British wife to know about it.

Heeey ,,, for god sake , according to every word of laws , he "cant marry " without notifying you in formal legal way  , its the law since 1985 here in egypt , and I told you so before , with all respect , you are not listening to legal rules  , and you are just listening to opinions and stories ..
End of discussion

Heeeeeeeey....  For good sake. Wake up and look around you. Egypt men are marrying second and third wives all the time  there is NO formal way it's called SECRET. You should listen to opinions and stories from real people and then, maybe you would learn something.     End of discussion

Ok , if you noticed  , I know that men  marry  2nd wife secretly 
I swear that they can do it , and they alreay do it
My point this is considered to be  illegal way ,as both of wives should be notified or any rights for him will be cancelled
Does this (sentence arrangement form) match your concept ?
To help the lady , plz

Glad to hear you agree, but, most times the second wife never knows about the first wife. That is my point. And, both the marriages are deemed legal here in Egypt. Thank goodness this is not the case in western or European countries

Yeap , you are right about this of course and with a note about  the western system
My thought is  the problem related  to the choice of the other partner  , its natural  behavior doesnt belong to a specific system
,  you may find many cases about egyptian men re- marriage  or dont behave as real husbands , and my point here it can happen everywhere , if you choosed the wrong person 
It just takes wide range here for attaching 2 different cultures ,
If The foreigner woman should go through relation in different culture she has to be selective .
Thats why egyptian men get bad reputation because of others who dont respect the idea of marriage and being in love with someone.
So its all about taking such important decision


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Hi there
I am an Irish man married to an Egyptian woman ..... Yes he can is the short answer... and up to 3 ... 4 in total ..
let me know if you need an more info ..

I wonder how ppl ask for help , and they stand do nothing  except complaining
And everytime some one say "yes he can "
I can figure out why laws cant be built on opinions  or minority experience
may god help her , she didnt. Even want to contact a legal office or the embassy  or whatever ,,

Hi Wal-83
The problem is it is Egypt
It is an Islamic country
It's culture is Arab / Islamic
It's laws are really Islamic based
The man rules the roost
A man can almost do as he likes
In Egypt
A woman is responsible to her father or elder male in the family until she is married and then to her husband
if he marries another .... up to 3  more 4 in total in Egypt  ... there is nothing she can legally do about it other than complain ... they are not recognised in the west
It is very difficult for a woman to find out if the man is previously married or if he marries again ... it is legally possible but you will get no where trying .... a lawyer will take your money ... do nothing ... laugh at you and take more money.
I know of a number of Egyptian men who have married western women .... not all but most marry for the money the women provide and more usually the ability to travel and work outside Egypt ... a tell tail sign is she is older than him .. usually a lot ... an Egyptian man would rarely if ever marry an older woman if it is not for money .. there are exceptions but I just never seen any!
And in all cases I have seen the family will be very complicate in hiding other marriages IF they know about it ... I have seen Egyptian women be surprised that her Egyptian husband has another wife and children ..... 
Some are already married and don't tell the woman
Some will divorce their Egyptian wife and marry and then remarry the Egyptian wife
Divorce is easy for a man and not so easy for a woman ...
If they have children ... she will need his written permission to take them outside Egypt
And lots more ...

The culture is very different and to most western people completely alien but accept it or don't be there as there is nothing you can do about it ... no more than you could get Islamic laws accepted in Europe!

All not nice but true and that's life ... and the culture and the law!

All respect

Dear I think you are overthinking it .let ur husband have his vacation and be happy doing ur hobbies while he is away .Donot give ur jealousy much thought .it will harm u so much .nothing good comes out from that ...

Yes he can if he is a Muslim and concerning the issue of informing the first wife this can easily be minipulated 😡

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off coarse he can ,,,,u can hire a lawyer to find out if he did that or not from the documents in the birth certificates and id office

yes i am american and i'm 10 years older than my husband he from Egypt in Alexandria.
I been married to him now almost 3 years however first year was no marriage it was awful my nerves stayed torn up all the time and stressing how he would look at me  like almost say oh no she still here. He has pretty much controlled this relationship since day one he wanted to get married fast like on the 5 or 6 month for me i feel for him just something about him made me feel special, but when we got married it was a whole different story. His family didn't know anything about me until last year was my first time talk to them on skype. He has 2 sons there in egypt which with their mom but he claims they are divorced however  he still to this day friends with his kids mom sisters and all on facebook, messenger, and viber it's crazy. And this year he took vacation near the boarder of Lybia which is 4 hours from  his home for a week and for almost 3 years all i gotten is 2 hours at night and very rarely take his day off . Anyways i asked him why you no tell me you went to this same place for family vacation at this beach resort but all your friends and family know> His answer was i'm no young where i go and who is with him he don't have to tell me so i  told him wow now you in Egypt you got what it takes to talk to me this way, and  he no rent hotel he rented a house his whole in tier family sisters and all and their kids and his family and then he drive here and there, i know soon he be applying for his resident papers to be  legal here in the USA. What is your thought on this oh ya i almost forgot first 2 years i provided him a car and i made car payments on both cars and paid the insurance and i paid the rent for the home for 2 years 1/2 now what your thought i hope you can help me cause i do love him so much but i think he just using me am i wrong???????????

well meia,,,,i know that he's using u ,this is typical story happens again and again ,,,

Oh wow I love him so.much why they do this and you think he still marry to his kids mom I been trying to learn islam but if they are divorced why her sister's make comments they miss baby Mohamed  that how they talk  but I'm not allowed to talk to my own daughter dad or have as friend on Facebook

Thank you for talking to me so much mean more than you know thank for be here thank you so much

no problem meia,,,we re in the same boat

r u sure that she is his sister ?? and also his wife may have his sister account on face book and they keep talking like that

Oh no I am so sorry I pray all be good and okay for you but why he do this to you cause you better woman than me you are muslim and so beautiful and young I am so sorry for whatever you having to go through I sorry I can't believe the men do this way with women especy when you know they loved so much

Ya I pretty sure but I know the last nAme they use is not what on his divorce papers she has 3 sister that have Facebook and his kids mom have one too  they so beautiful none of it makes sense to me no sure for rules  when they suppose to be divorced that part I don't understand cause they talk so nice and good to him and express how much they miss him and wish him safety just don't make sense now I know why he don't want me to see who his friends are   confused

Yes he can!!

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