I am an Irish woman married to an Egyptian. Can he marry again there?

I am so sorry 😐 to hear about this. Most Of the men, but not all, will use you for your marriage to gain citizenship to the USA.  I have seen this to many times in court, the man bails out when he his land on the USA solil. And the wife is never able to find him. I really hope everything works ouy for you and Good 😊 Luck

Most Of the men, but not all

Thank you I appreciAte it he made too USA on his own he proclaim he divorce his wife in2012 he came on visa but he did push get his papers.done and wanted to hurry and get married we not really had a marriage but I appreciate your words of thought and wisdom thank you

Yes he can, and you can hire a lawyer to go and check at the government office about how many wives does he have!

Yes, he can, while you should be notified via your embassy, it's one of the Sharia stipulations in Egypt (Islamic laws), whereas, if your marriage isn't registered in Egypt he wouldn't be obliged to report his second marriage. As your marriage isn't exists in government perspective.

Best of luck!

Question  He say they are divorced but I feel they not I am American here in USA we got married 2014 and on his profile he made little video for a great year had been that was year we got married but never mentioned me or say he got married or anything only about him and his 2 sons and I let it slide by first year marriage I could tell he was not interested in me at all but he push get his papers started he.pretty much been in charge of the relationship however he works on his day off and here all he worried about is his credit building up  first 2 years in half I paid rent and furnished him a car and I made the payments on both cars cause.he.say was my problem not his even though I ask him please take something off me but he wouldn't  do it finally he made the last 3 payments now he already been Egypt for 6 weeks but he no leave anything for.me while he was away but when he got there 2 or 3 week there he.take vacation with all his famy but never told me he from.egypt Alexandria and take vacation next to Lybia  but he say not expensive there he no rent hotel he rented house there he can think to do something for them but not for us okay question is should I give him a chance or my feeling right he still married there in Egypt and she know about me does anyone got thought on this

I will tell you something diffrent m'am, away of being biased.  Don't think about his first marriage in his home country, is he divorced or not that's a time waste. You know, maybe he should still keep it as his wife for many considerations, while they still separated. U married to a man from diffrent culture and you should accept differences too. I don't tolerate that he is lying to you, but if so, he lied because his afraid of your reflex. Or he don't want to hurt you.

Most important thing, do you love him, go you still see him as a man that you can count on him even if he married you for papers as you said. His contribution to your life even if small should be recognised. If he gave you love, care, money. That would be okay. If he's a guy that can you depend on him even a little that's ok. If not, you don't give a dam shit about his marriage and knock him off.

While be careful dear, if you can waste a good chance.

Best of luck.

I would love to help you too.  I'm an American living back in the states. My email *** or you can add me on Facebook***
I had the same experience. Please feel free to contact me
Thank you

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Indo love him why I tryed so many time look over things I take care of him for 2 years 1/2 I provided him a car so he no drive shorter and he never offered take something off.me all he had pay for was power and what good he brought in he just started paying rent this year in June cYse first 2 years he told me he only made 50. And 6 months ago I found out he makes 600 and week straight cash and when I ask him finish pay car he driving he say no it's my problem but cause I love him I meet trying now I just feel no which way I go

Yes I do love him so much and I have true I think I done good I take care of him for 2 years in half and I furnished him a car so he no drive scooter and I ask him take something off.me and his answer always the same it's not his problem and things like that hurt my feelings and he never take his day off from.the restaurant he rather be at work than with me things like that what hurt me he is good and hard worker and excellent cook and I thankful for that but his family.didnt know anything about me until last year his 1 Sister and his mom but they never met me only hear my voice  it was almost 2 years before he tell.them.he is married and when he talk to his sons he do when I not at home which.now he can do Facebook messenger  now or whatup to see them and I appreciate what you saying and I thank you he is 42 and I am 52 just feel confused

Great, so now you go in one way, be patience with him and have a nice chat with him about his potential marriage, tell him that's okay to tell me the truth, don't panic.

Try to get his attention that you love him, care for him and supported him and you should do likewise. Dialogue is a good approach.

God bless you both.

lynneroy2002 :

Sorry but I think what you said is misleading   If he is Egyptian man he can still marry Egyptian woman even though he married a British woman. And he doesn't even have to tell her

Of course he can do what he wants and marry again in Egypt under the table hush hush and with bribes but it is actually unlawful for him to marry an Egyptian once he has been married to a British woman via the Embassy and MOJ.

When my now husband and I had our appointment at the British Embassy the woman interviewing us really lectured my husband (even though he knew before anyway) about the fact that he can not marry again if he marries a British Citizen  and that it would be against the law for him to do so unless he has a proper legalised divorce...she repeated it at least 3 times whilst we made our affidavit and signed the declarations. When we got out of there, we were like wow she really was drumming it wasn't she...when we remember that day we always quote her for fun, it was definitely one of the standout memories of the whole process!

if hes muslim , yes he can marry

If you have travelled to his home you most likely have met his Egyptian wife, she would have been introduced to you as a sister or cousin, and will have had no say in your marriage to him. Egyptian women do as they are told, do not let your head fester over him or what he is up to in your absence, be strong and bear what may come to you in this relationship, because slowly things will become clear, learn to speak Arabic, this will enable you to pick up on conversations and learn the truth of your situation, if he loves you and is an honest man then you will have a happy life, if not then don't let this prevent you from enjoying the many wonders that Egypt has to offer and move on with your life...

I am an Irish man married to an Egyptian woman ... let me know if you would like to email or call me and I can give you and my wife's opinion and experience on your question and Egypt in general .. thanks

Yes he can Marry again.There are terms and conditions.Hence Region which one he belong too.  if he Muslim and have capacity  to cope no harm if not ,Christian Religion however can only allow one.

Best wishes,

He can and do marry 4 women at a time easily and with NO consideration to you whatsoever

sounds to me as though you should have researched their culture before you married him, having more than one wife is common , you either accept it or you don’t but don’t be surprised when he follows his culture. 

I personally am going to be a second wife and don’t mind at all , we have an agreement and it’s workable , I did not want to come between him and his first wife for the sake of their children ..... if you really love him I suggest talking to him and making your feelings known instead of being ruled by jealousy

Just my opinion

I am an Irish man married to an Egyptian woman ... 4 years .. we live in Ireland
He can in Egypt marry up to 4 women (including you) ... In Egypt if he is Muslim
In regard to informing you, this will really depend on what is in your marriage contract, you can put into the marriage contract (at the time you are marrying) almost any conditions you like, such as he must inform you or he must pay you money or he must allow you to divorce and pay you as if he is divorcing you ... or any conditions you want within reason.
So have a read of you marriage contract .... and ensure it is correctly translated
Outside of Muslim countries second and subsequent marriages have no legal entitlement other than in some countries you can be prosecuted for bigamy   
One question ... did you marry in the marriage court of the ministry of Justice in Cairo or by Orfi  marriage contract? This would make a fair difference in the options you may have.

this is a response to the other lady. if you westerner, donot you know that marrying a married man is not lawful or illegal in the west. And having a relation with a married person  is according to western customs not acceptable and could be a ground for asking for divorce?.

I find his behavior very unacceptable, but if you can re-read what you write and you’re comfortable with it then it is your decision.

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