New members of the Thailand forum, introduce yourself here – 4th quarter of 2016

Hi all,

Newbie on the Thailand forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Thailand if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hi all,

I am Lyn, from Vietnam. I have been living and working in Bangkok for over 2 years.   Now my job is director secretary in a Thai Company and I own a small business between Vietnam and Thai.

Nice to meet you. Hoping admin has an offline for us.

Good day, my firends.

hi everybody,i am a recently retired 65yr divorced male from nz..i have been visiting thailand for past ten yrs....i love most things about the place...i own a very nice condo at pratumnak... i may live more permanently here,in the would be very nice to meet other expats for some stimulating or interesting conversation....i like a beer and love thai women,but not addicted to either..i am fit and active...regards  murray

Be shant.

Hi everyone,

I'm Hieu Nguyen from Vietnam. You can call me Tony. I have come to Thailand so many times, i love people, place and every single moment in Thailand.  I wish could find a suitable jobs that related to Thailand in hospitality industry. With six years working in hospitality Industry, especially experienced in roles as services consultant, client relation, business development, sales executive, sales manager... I recognize that it is so valuable on the way developing my work. In career, the challenge will never stop and it would be excited for me to join into and be happy to lift me up in higher level. Now, I am seeking a new career opportunity in Bangkok where the highest achievement begins

If you need a qualified candidate for your firm/ organization , i would be please to work with you
I warmly welcome who would like to connect with me as friend

Thank you for your attention

Hope you all have a great week ahead

Kindly contact me if you interested in my profile

Sincerely your,

Tony Nguyen

Hi Ms Lyn,

I would be pleasant to contact you.
Bangkok is awesome place to start my journey, it's just begun. I am so interested in your profile.  Hope to have change to corporate with you in the upcoming day.

Enjoy your Saturday night

Best regards.

Tony Nguyen

Hello everyone and welcome ob board  :)

@ Tony, make sure to drop an advert in the Jobs in Thailand section of the website so that if an opportunity arises, you may be easily contacted.

All the best,

'Sawadee' everyone, I am Thesigan Moodley AKA Des. Born and bread in South Africa, Johannesburg, Lenasia, 46 years of age. Have an 8 year old boy from a Thai National, been to Thailand 3 times already. Currently employed by the South African Civil Aviation Authority as Revenue Accountant now fifteen years. My endeavor is to retire age 56 in Thailand.

Dear Tony,

Sorry for replying late. I already sent adding request to you.

Dear Lyn,

Now we are already connected as a friend.
I'm looking forward to the oppotunity to meet you and other friends in person.

Nice day to you all

Dear Bhavna,

Thank you for your kind advise. My advert in Jobs in Thailand will be uploaded shortly.

Best regards,
Tony Nguyen

Hello everybody,
My name is Nicolas and I come from France; I have been living in Thailand for more than 10 years now; I am working in a Logistics company doing import / export and also removal of personal effects, so this might help some expats who are going to move in or out of Thailand; don't hesitate to let me know if you need any help.
See you around.

Hello, my name is Mariam, a Ugandan.i love it here

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Hi everyone.i have been to phuket once and i love i am planning to relocate in Thailand and looking for job opportunities.any suggestions?

Hi everyone and welcome on board  :)

@ Anna Mariya, i suggest you read the Living in Thailand guide so as to gather as much information as possible and to drop an advert in the Jobs in Thailand section of the website. In case an opportunity arises, you may be contacted.

All the best,

Hello everyone:

I am a development sector professional and have been to Thailand more than few times. it is very nice country with beautiful people, would like to join any development sector INGO out there.

I was offered a teaching job but that was not my profession.  well it will be nice to be there once again and serve their community in their best of interest.

Have a nice day


Hello I'm O
I'm 26
I am seeking a job as Housekeeper,Senior care, pet sitter live in full time
I want to save money for Education
Religion Christian
No smoke
No have any tattoos
my English is not good but I want to speak
and I'm Returned Missionary

Hi Everyone!
I am currently living in France but would love to move to Chiang Mai next January.
Indeed, I did a 6months trip in South-East Asia and really had a "crush" of this city.
Would be amazing if anyone had contacts in any kind of area/work to help me move there - once in the city I can offer you a beer :)
Hope you're all doing great!
Take good care,

Hello AmelineNa
I will introduce my friends
He live in Chiang Mai 
He is Freelance guide

Thanks a lot Opad. I will contact him straight away! If I manage to find a job in Chiang Mai, let me know when you pass by, would be great to meet you!!

This FB name ***
Nice to meet you :D

Hello!  We call ourselves the Laptop Warriors and have just sold our home and stuff in Canada to relocate to Koh Samui.  Have been here for 2 months so would love to meet any other expats living on the Island. We are living in beautiful Nathon.  Doing a bunch of travelling southeast asia, Chiang Mia this weekend and next weekend in Bali.  Finding it to be very accessible, except for the ferries hehe. We are loving working and living abroad here in Thailand!!  There are so many pinch me moments!  Would also love if anyone knew of where the "tech" community hangs out on Koh Samui.  Nadine and Fraser

Hi I just moved here and so don't really know anyone, I'm also currently looking for work here in Chiangmai - so if anyone could out me in touch with potential employers that'd be great. Alternatively if you want to go for a beer I'm up for that too 😊

Hello Laura-Jane Nolan

I'm O
i live in P-lok   between Chiang Mai and  Bangkok
add my FB  name is *

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My name is David and I'm an US Citizen currently living and working in Michigan.  I've become interested in a the expat experience and hoping to find work in the high-tech manufacturing sector since I believe Thailand is a world leader in a number of fields.  I'm married and 51 with both of my children on their own.  The time is right for a project like this and hope this site will help in finding where I might look for opportunities.  I have worked in Mexico and Canada on and off during the years I was involved in automotive interior projects but those assignments, though very educational, were not significant cultural challenges.   Ideally I would like to speak with expats who might have a similar background and made a successful transition to working in Thailand.


My name is Bill and I too live in Chiang Mai. How can I contact you for a beer or coffee.
I do go to Loco Elvis at times, in part to do people watching there. Plus I know a coffee shop up the street, with coffee at 30baht.
In terms of work that's a very tricky situation in Thailand. It's possible but there are a lot of legal hoops to jump through. I can fill you in later.

Bill Kip

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Hello Nico, I posted yesterday under Cars and Transportation asking for a company that can export my Thai scooter to Vietnam for me, perhaps your company can advise me please? Regards, Huw Collett

Just a thought - January is the high or peak tourist season for  Chiang Mai.

Also, you might want to look for a sponsor for doing work in Thailand. The Thai's are a bit sensitive about allowing foreigners doing work that Thai's can do. Teaching is another option, but the pay would not be commensurate with French pay scale (maybe $590 US a month). One could live on that but somewhat modestly. There is also independent IT work, on the internet. By Thai immigration, you need a work visa for that kind of work. Many do it without the work visa, but if they get caught they are permanently bar from reentering the country.

Just some thoughts.

Hello Im new here!

Im planning to visit thailand and im looking for any opportunity that might pop up during my stay there, i only looking for a simple job that compensate me even a little, i dont mind getting paid hourly. i can be a dish washer,cleaner,baby sitter or any kind of simple jobs.
inorder for me to sustain my basic needs during my stay and also fund my back packing travel for the next country.

please if you happen to know or looking for anything that you might need my services in any ways please contact me.

thank you and god bless!


Just a thought, and I don't know if it will lead anywhere but you never know. There is an organization called the CMCC, Chiang Mai Community Church. For one they present classes on subjects such as transitioning in Chiang Mai. They MIGHT provide some direction for employment. Categorically speaking any foreigner looking for work has to go through the immigration or such hoops to get a work permit, which are not openly given out. You might be able to get something on the sly, but if you get caught you may not like the consequences.

Hello everyone!
Just joined this group today. I am currently living in Phuket, Thailand but only temporarily. My husband and I are retired and travelling full time. We house sit and have been doing this for three years now. We are planning to be in SE Asia for the next 3-5 years.
We are trying to find our little slice of paradise, wherever that may be, and are meeting some fantastic people along the way.

Karen, I would be interested in finding out more about your housesitting, Please send us your private E-Mail so we can continue our conversation.

Hi all,

I'm Malaysian living in Singapore.
Recently was taking up an assignment in Bkk & will be here for 3 months.

Hope to get a chance to make friends here and join your activities.

Hi everybody!

My name is Fabian, I am from Vienna, Austria,  29 years old and  just moved to Bangkok. I came here with my wife who found a job here. We are getting used to Bangkok quite quickly and enjoy exploring this city a lot.

I am a nursery school teacher and currently looking for an employment.


From NY and Miami, been here one month. Hopefully I can find success with work in business (masters and bachelors education).  Love the country thus far, the people are extremely kind and warm.  I enjoy out and seeing the night life.  Single and looking forward to experiences here in Thailand.


I am Managing a VIP Martial Arts based fitness program for professionals, managers and those that prefer a more educated approach towards life change.

I am from California and have programs there as well.

I am open to friends that like QUALITY conversations related to:


Have a greater day!


Hi , iam rehab i live in thailand , iam 25 years old , iam native arabic speaking , excellent in english , i have toeic certificate , i have degree in science and post graduate diploma in microbiology

Hello everyone
I'm coming to Rayong for 2 month in mid February. Hope, I'll have good time there.

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