Travelling with Dog to Germany and back to Kuwait

Hi everyone, I'm planning on taking my pomeranian dog wih me to Germany on Lufthansa, and since I'm taking her traveling with me for the first time I have some questions.

I know about the fact there are quite a few paperworks required. My question is; I'm planning on taking her with me in the cabin so what I want to know will i ever be separated from her at any time? Like in the Kuwait airport will expect me to keep her somewhere with them till it's time to take her onto the cabin? Same thing about coming back into Kuwait as well as in Germany.

Not gonna lie I have a huge separation anxiety and so does she lol so I really need to know this before I put her through this.

Hope anyone understands what I'm trying to say, thanks in advance :)

I know that when entering Kuwait they will take your animal and you will have to pick it up from the cargo terminal. This means you will spend 2-3 hours there (separated from the animal), grease a few pockets and then will be on your way. Maybe this process is easier if the animal was previously in Kuwait (?).

I don't have first hand experience with exporting the animal or importing it in Germany, so check their procedures and requirements. Germany forum is probably a good place to start.

Hi! Thanks for the reply! Would I have to pick her up from the cargo area if she was traveling with me on board in the cabin? I'm more concerned about Kuwait procedures than Germany's regarding animals :( Maybe I'll just take her if i permanently leave Kuwait if that's the case  :/

Yes. They will take the animal from you at the last security check after the baggage pick area. You will be literally two steps from freedom when they take it from you and add 3+ hours until you actually leave the airport.

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