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I am moving to Kuwait in a few weeks.  I am thinking about bringing my dog over.  Does anyone have any experience with bringing pets into the country?  I have contacted a pet relocation service, but once there what can I expect? 


I am not a good source of info on that BUT, I know it can be done.  I've got "friends of friends" that have brought pets over.  If someone here can't provide the info, you might try writing a letter to the U.S. Embassy here in Kuwait at the State Dept website.  It can be done, it's not extremely difficult...I have been told that your pet needs to have documented and up to date shots.  The BIG issue is whether or not you are going to be in company provided housing and whether or not you are at a high enough level that you would have your own place.  Assuming the building (company provided) allows pets, you would then have to have a gentleman's agreement with your roomates (most contractors here are on "unaccompanied" status and have to share the apartment with another person).  If they're okay with it, you're okay. 

I can understand your desire to bring your pets.  I have two dogs at home with my wife and, to be honest, they're like my kids.  I miss them terribly.  My wife will be coming over here to work by summer time (that is the hope) and they will be coming over here with her.  By that time I'll have my own place (I currently live on one of the military camps) out in town and it'll be me, her, and the two little terrorists.  I have a friend here that actually aquired/adopted 3 dogs here and she has no problems with veterinary services here.  There are a handful of good vets in country and your dog will have good care.  The trick is getting your dog exercise.  Unless you are lucky enough to live in a villa with a yard, you're gonna have to make the effort to walk the dog before or after work because a lot of the apartment-block areas of Kuwait don't have a lot of free space/parks and there is VERY little grass in existence. 

Also, be prepared for the dislike that most Arabs have for dogs.  It is a religious and geographic response to their overall dislike of dogs.  The wild dogs here out in the desert are essentially scavengers.  But, there is a large western community here (Brits, Canadians, Aussies, and us) and there are pet owner groups, pet shows (of sorts), and some actual breeders here.  So, best of luck.  I'll be doing some more research myself here in the next 2 months.  Adios.


Hi Matt!
Jumpmaster seems to have covered all the main point for you..... All sound advice.

One more thing, it depends on where you live as well by the way... If you are in Salmiya, you can take your dog to the promenades for a walk.... there's smaller parks as well depending on where are.

Another tip: When you do take it on walks there is a probability of uncouth arab kids trying to pet/ carry the dog. I know some of them may be nice, but some definitely are NOT and it's always better to ward off their advances by saying it bites or its got a nasty infection or something... My bro in law has a pekingnese and it happens too often :-(

Other than that, totally worth it having your canine with ya! G'luck!

I brought 4 cats with me from Europe with no problems whatsoever.  Try contacting PAWS which is a charity in Kuwait who will help you get all the necessary paperwork to bring your pets in - they will even meet you at the airport and help transport them home if you like.  Great info on their website

It's easy if you want to bring him on the plane. I brought my cat over and he was put in cargo and had no problems.
You must provide a copy of your vaccination records from your vet. All vaccines must be up-to-date.
You must also have a valid Traveling Health Certificate from a licensed veterinarian. It's a good idea to get it only a day or 2 before you depart so that if you get delayed or laid over somewhere you have the spare time on your Cert.

If accompanied on the plane airport security officials will look at your paperwork and once cleared you're free to take your pet home!
ACE Hardware carries pet supplies albeit somewhat pricey.
Local groceries such as Geant and Sultan will have limited supplies and food.

There is an import form online that you will need to print out and fill out.

Simple as that! other questions?

Hey...I just received a bit of info regarding pet information.  I'm glad to have it since I plan on bringing my two "kids" (dogs) here later this summer or early Fall. I can send it to you in an email as an attachment.  Let me know and I'll give you my email address!


Just a word of warning to those of you bringing pets over, in some places (eg Ahmadi) they put down poisinous meat to kill off strays.  I don't know if this happens so much anymore (my friend's dog died from eating poison meat), but do just be careful when you let them out/take them for a walk.  Also, few people here seem to put names/phone numbers on collars, I've found a few dogs here walking around with no name on them so I haven't been able to take them home.

If you like animals be prepared to get upset when you see the way that they are treated by some of the locals (I've seen dogs kicked and tied up outside in 50degree heat). 

Anyway, good luck with bringing your dogs over!

Hope all went well?!
How are your dogs doing here?
Mine are glad to see the ocean every morning, but that's about it ;)

You must also have a valid Traveling Health Certificate from a licensed veterinarian

that's right .

here numbers of pets hospital for " in case" :

ALdahmaa hospital / 24722002 -24722007
royal hospital / 24750966

opening from 9 to 7 " i think" .. but in friday opening just at morning 9 am - 1 or 2 pm

ps: i heard that there is Special traetment for dogs at the german embassy  .. you can ask more in there

german embassy


I am in the process of moving to Kuwait as well. You need to contact PAWS in Kuwait. You should be able to research them online and fill out a form and send them the info and they will send you an e-mail back within 24-48 hours. You need to have all the shots up to date as well as an import permit which Paws will provide you more information about. After that contact your airline and make arrangements as it can be a little complicated. I will be bringing three dogs with me on the plane, and I cannot imagine my life without them. Lucky for us my husband has been living in kuwait for a while and pets are allowed in his complex. Good luck!!

i am thinking to move to kuwait
i would like to bring my dog with me
does anyone knows about this!

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