Cat boarding services

What is the current state of cat boarding services in Kuwait? We are running out of friends who can watch our cats during our absence so I am considering commercial services. I know that IVH is offering cat boarding service which is pricey from what I have heard and that other place Pet Land seems to have closed down. Any other places to recommend?


We were looking for a new dog boarding company since we weren't happy with our current one and IVH was one of the option and it wasn't too bad in terms of prices especially compared to how much we were paying. We just didn't like it because of the environment (it felt cold and not homey at all) but it wasn't a terrible option. If I remember correctly it was 8kd a night for a dog, I have no idea how much they charge for cats though. There are so little options :(

Hey Tina,

I think they charge 6.500 for a cat which I feel is a bit pricey, especially compared to dog rates (no disrespect to dogs! :)).

I guess I should team up with cat owners so we can help each other, but that's not an easy task either. :(

The prices are ridiculous for both cats and dogs! I use to pay 10kd a night so now paying 8kd feels like a deal :dumbom: I found another option on Instagram (cat.kuwait) since it seems like that's the only sort of advertising businesses in Kuwait do so you can give them a call and check them out 5078898. It's all in Arabic but they did manage to squeeze in cat hotel in the description  :D Good luck!

Thanks! It would be great to get a recommendation from someone, but I guess I may have to break the ice....and open an Instagram account. :(

I realise this is an old post but I thought it might help someone else looking now.
I have put my cat into boarding twice here so far. I first put her into Royal Animal Hospital, which is our vet. Although the staff are lovely and I got whatsapp photos of her while we were away, their facilities broke my heart. When she came back, she was a different cat for a few days.
I then found Petland. They are super and she settled right back in when she got home. They offer boarding to cats and dogs are are 'cage-free'. They charge KD5 a day. You also have to use their pet taxi for KD10 (5 each way). They will do a house pick up and drop off so it's very easy. I got whatsapp photos and videos of my cat playing and she was starting to socialise with other cats too. I've already booked her in for our other holidays this year. They have a vet with them for any emergencies and a groomer so you can pay for extra grooming/vaccinations if you need. The only issue I had with them was communication for pick up and drop off, it was all organised very last minute (2 hours before!) and they were lucky that I was at home and not at work or boarding my flight. However, I would definitely recommend Petland.

Thanks for sharing the positive experience. I did contact them around 10 months ago asking a bunch of questions, but they just responded by asking when do I need a pickup and drop off. Of course I didn't want any without checking the place out At the time they were only present on Facebook where I am not and Whatsapp. I see they got a web page now and if you are recommending them I might give it another chance.

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