Flight pricing

Did a google search for a round trip from Toronto to Belize (around 400) and Miami to Belize(around 700).  What's up with that?

We go back and forth to the states frequently.  Lately, we've been doing Southwest out of US and it's so much cheaper than American.  We use to pay 800 r/t and now get it for 325.
Not sure what the options are out of Canada, but I have heard other canadian airlines are adding Belize as a destination, so hopefully prices will reflect the added competition.

Westjet will be the first of the two major Canadian airlines to add Belize as a destination beginning Oct. 29th. This may be their introductory offer, let's hope not. Just under US$400.00 is around half of what we paid two years ago with stops in the US. We are also in low season here in Belize, so I am interested to see what happens in Nov. - Dec. when high season begins again.

…we just paid $2424 canadian, with west jet non stop toronto to belize for 4 people in January

So about $600 RT PP.  A bit higher than the quoted $400 but I imagine that it's seasonal pricing.  Where will you be staying and what sort or rate did you get for that?  If you don't mind me asking.

..I think we paid a bit more because it is non-stop. There were some cheaper flights but they had like 12 hour layovers. I was for it but my wife vetoed because of our young kids.

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