Car rental in Chetumal

Just saw a drastic difference in car rental rates in Chetumal, México vs Belize City. Serious savings

I am arriving in Belize City around noon. I saw that there is a bus that goes from Belize City to Chetumal. Not sure of the schedule yet.

It seems to me that a bus ride to Chetumal would be a nice start to seeing the countryside passing through at least Orange Walk and Corozal. Then I could rent the far cheaper vehicle and make the drive back down and stay the night in Corozal or Orange Walk and explore that area before heading towards San Ignacio. I was originally heading for my initial destination immediately, but this seems like a great way to start.

Has anyone done this? Is it worth it. I know there are complexities of crossing the border in a rental.

There are potential issues with registration and particularly insurance. Some companies will not insure you if you cross the border, and you will have to have liability insurance in Belize. If you don't have Belize plates and registration stickers, you are more likely to encounter problems at police check points as well.

Another added cost will be two boarder exit fees for each person in the group instead of just one at the airport (usually included in the airline ticket cost).

Your input is greatly appreciated. I am also going to get ahold of the realtor you recommended. I like their website and it looks as though they are very thorough.

It sounds as though I'm going to have to stay with car rentals in Belize. At least it's far more convenient

I appreciate your insight. I am anxious for my trip. Wish I hadn't put it out so far, but the time will pass before I know it.

Thank you


While we're on the topic of Car Rentals:

I'd like some recommendations for the best value.  I tried the "search feature" and was unable to locate any meaningful information.

I'll be flying BHM to BZE in late October/November and be bouncing across the country for anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months.



There was recently a car rental discussion. I think the general consensus was Crystal if you will be returning to the airport.

I usually rent a 4WD Jeep, as my property is remote and there is limited access. Crystal might give you a better rate for a longer term -  I would inquire. Interesting you are flying out of BHM, as that is my home town.

I'm flying into BZE too, and renting a Hertz in Chetumal at the airport since it is so much cheaper.  I clicked on the or another cheap cars and I'm renting for $17 / day in Chetumal and in BZE it was $651 for 7 days.  I'm allowing for getting from Corozal where my hotel is to the Chetumal airport, then returning the car a day before I leave, same airport.  The entire five days is costing $95.  Of course I will need car ins. for Mexico and also for BZE as the border will need to see the insurance stickers when I cross the border both times.  I originally used hotwire to book my Oct. round trip, but my moving trip one-way was booked through and got a great deal.  Hope this helps!

ferriswhitfield :

I'm flying into BZE too, and renting a Hertz in Chetumal at the airport since it is so much cheaper.


Oh Oh.....

Things I don't think you factored in on an already short trip:

1) Transportation cost to get to the other airport in another country.
2) The time is will take to get to the rental car agent in another country.
3) The Belize border exit fee going to the other country to get the car.
4) Transportation cost to get back to BZE airport from another country.
5) The time is will take to get from the rental car agent in another country back to BZE for your return flight.
6) The Belize border exit fee going to the other country to return the car.

I might be wrong, but I bet there are other time consuming Delays, Fees,  Charges and unknowns that will pop up unexpectedly. I do admire your spirit and sense of adventure, please let us know how it goes.

One other thought, make sure all cost comparisons are in the same currency.

With all the fixed wing from mainland bze to the islands and wanting to avoid mx and entire scene does anyone know the laws for autogyros in bze. Rick

Esteswaco :

With all the fixed wing from mainland bze to the islands and wanting to avoid mx and entire scene does anyone know the laws for autogyros in bze. Rick

Having grown up in an Aviation family, and worked in Aviation most of my life (non pilot) I have loved Autogyros and Mr Beson's Gyrocopter since I first read about them in the pages of Popular Mechanics in the mid-50's.
The first Gyrocopter I ever saw was one of the towed versions (kit built) belonging to a neighbor. Unfortunately  I saw  him crash it on an early flight when the rotor tilted too far aft and hit the ground behind him.

I googled BELIZE CIVIL AVIATION REGULATIONS, among the many links the newest I found was a PDF from 2009. … ue-2-rev-1

Searching in the PDF, Other than Helicopters I saw only one reference to a  rotary winged vehicle.

I love the idea of exploring the country from one. The ability to take off and land almost anywhere would be great!

Unfortunately that same ability will alarm the local law enforcement departments because it would be ideal for drug smuggler use. There have already been cases of stolen airplanes landed on roads and fields, unloaded and all that remained was a burnt or burning aircraft when the locals showed up.

Please let us know what you find out!

The new German mades r better. I dont know if I will ever make it to Belize: however, drug hysteria is rampant in the u.s...Being in health care Im not allowed to use anything except beer. The gyros was one evolving from flying autos and doesnt require a pilots liscence. With little review I could help out some with hyperbarics or engineer something better. In much time ofcourse. Thanks, an offer came across my desk and Im entertaing ideas. We as veterans and my patients have been there for some time. I was gonna attend med school in Jamaica but War causes atypical problems. Hope to meet u. Im an Airborne Ranger from U.S., Rick

Thanks for info on the go gadget. I will figure....Rick


I grew up and currently live 50 miles due west of Tuscaloosa...

Rural area close to the MS/AL line....



Just be sure to ask your MX rental company if they allow their vehicles to cross into Belize.  Some do, some not.

There was a man who lost half his foot in the war. He married a young Italiona. Sure nuff on their wedding night she saw and ran upstairs to her momma.  Oh God momma Luigis got a foot and a half. Oh hell, she said, Sounds like a job for momma.,,,buenos noches, Rick

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