Possible new banking regulation for expats.

You  really do have to wonder sometimes about decisions made by officials in Viet Nam. … l-currency

Best news I've heard all day.

Thank Christ for that.    That's the best excuse Yogi needs to tell people in dresses he has NO MONEY........

Besides, Yogi has always had trouble using ATMs.   His paws can't operate the little buttons properly.    But Yogi will survive. 

He's currently googling Photosynthesis as a means of survival.  Good old fresh air & sunshine and a splash of water.   Budget living at its best.

Every cloud has a silver lining folks,  and the second rat always gets the cheese.

Do ya's hear that noise,,,,,,that's Yogi throwing his pots, pans ,plates and cutlery out the window.  Won't need that stuff now.

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