Mobile Phone Insurance

Am I going crazy or does this literally not exist in Malta. I can not find anything anywhere. Being one that often breaks or loses a mobile phone I am very keen to find somewhere offering this, can anyone help?

I've not been able to find anything either.  We've asked our insurance company if they or another company does it, but nobody seems to do it as far as I know. I'd love to be wrong though.

home / home contents insurance tend to cover this in countries without specific mobile phone insurance.

Ones I've asked here will cover all personal belongings anywhere in malta for example

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danbatch, Thank you.

Ok a nice big bump on this. Anyone found anything 18 months later?

Revolut offers it as bit of a side service for their customers (and from the looks of things, you can also do it separately here). Can sign up via the app. Looking at it right now, it's saying it's worldwide and 1.77 euro per week for my iphone 8 plus. Insurance term is 12 months, excess is 125 euro, screen and liquid damage is covered.

I have no idea if that's good or not, but just passing along the info.

hmm interesting. I have an account with these guys that i don't use. Looks good on paper to be honest. So going to look into more. But they seem a pain to get hold of. Need to look at the terms you see as most will state you need to be a UK resident, phone purchased in the UK and or will only cover you for certain number of days abroad. Will try nand get their terms but not easy. Thanks for this though

I see vodafone offer a priceplan for €105 euros a month which includes 1 replacement :/

Looks like if you are in the EEA you can purchase it. Here's eligibility criteria: … e-eligible

Note that it doesn't cover loss or theft, so if you lose it, your SOL

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