What is there to do in Muscat?

Hello everyone,

I am a 29yo single female from the UK and I've just recently moved to Muscat. What I'd really like to know is what activities I can do or places I can go that doesn't always involve a mall! I'd love to partake in activities (nothing too strenuous) or just to enjoy the views. So any fun, cheap casual suggestions?

Btw I don't drink so bars and clubs are not an option but I do smoke shisha occasionally.

Many thanks in advance!

Hey! if you are on a short time here in Muscat, then you might wanna check these locations mentioned … G-C-1.html

And if you are here for quite some time then, i must say you will virtually come to know it.

Thanks for the info!

Hello people,
I know this is not a travel forum, but what would you do, if you had about 11 hours to spent in or around of Muscat?

Are you aware of any travel company that offers affordable tours in or around of Muscat?
Thanks for sharing

Well if I was you, I will take coffee with me. Well, it is the right time to go around Muscat/Oman, call my friend Kathy a tour operator **me to join for coffee discussions :).

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Coffee sounds good,
my current plan is to take a taxi from the airport to Al qurum beach / Jawharat Al Shatti Mall - have some breakfast at the beach

Have a look at the Opera house
Hang around until I had back to the airport

Private tours for 200USD+ are outside my budget
The hop on hop off bus is also a no go.

Is picknick at the beach permitted?

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