Sports clubs and meeting people in Muscat as a Female.

Hi, I'm new to muscat and am still finding my way around.

Where do I go to play sport as a female. Are there any tennis clubs nearby that have training sessions?

Is there a regular wadi walking hiking group?

Is there a scuba diving school or snorkeling club of some sort. Where do you find these active clubs?
Im really looking forward to meeting people while doing fun activities at the same time  .


Hello and welcome on board Paula6 :cheers:

You could browse through this section of the forum below to check out activities usually practised by expats around Muscat :

> Leisure and things to do in Muscat


Hi would definitely like meet you and my wife shares the same interests as you mentioned .. we are also looking to meet new people as we also shifted only a month ago

Hi Paula,

Welcome in Jewel of Arab (Oman).

Hi Paula! I can relate to your post a lot!!
I'm new here too and currently attending in the gym of GUTech .. It's for the public!

As an avid sporter (swim/bike/run) I will be in Muscat during the month of July and need to continue training on swimming 2-3 times a week 1-1,5 hrs.  Can anyone advise me where I can find a 25 meter or more swimming pool for lane swimming ?  Any swim clubs where I can join training? 
Thanks so much !

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