An expat living in KL with 3500MYR/month is good deal?

Hi there,

I'm a single guy, stay in healthy life and got an offer for 3500MYR/ month working and staying in KL as an expatriate.
Crossed check some info on internet but still wondering if its affordable to live in KL with this range? Regarding to health insurance, living costs, taxes and other(s)?

Please advice me on this case, I'd appreciate your help.


Your questions have pretty much been answered already on the thread below entitled: "is 3.5k RM acceptable salary for fresh graduate foreigner in KL?"

The answer is yes, as long as you live cheaply and possibly rent a room or a very small studio instead of an apartment.


I'm a local in Malaysia. May I know what position and job that is offer to you?

Do you know roughly where is your future office?

if you plan to stay in kl - i dont think it will be enough. room rental is probably near 1k. stay out of kl but you will need to find location which is near public transport. then live cheap. good luck!

KL is actually expensive. Everything is possible. But you will struggle.. Renting a studio is likely to be above RM 1000 per month in the city. Moving away from the center will mean higher cost of transportation and isolation.

Is your new work location accessible by public transport such as the LRT (light rail transit) ?

If so, then you have to make sure that your choice of location for your accommodation is also nearby to LRT stations. You might have to choose somewhere further away from the city to get places with cheaper rental cost.

You should be able to manage with that.

I don't think that anyone will disagree that RM3500 per month as an expat salary is pretty low. But I guess it depends on where you come from and how that salary compares to salaries back home.

And I think it is clear that you can actually survive on such a salary although you will be living pretty much on a shoestring and may have to make compromises. But of course it is workable.

If accomodation is provided by the company, you are slightly better off able to survive comfortably in kl without much saving though.
Pm me if you need find more affordable apartment to rent during your work in kl. My sister is a property agent might able to get you one.

I can live on 3500 but most people cannot. At that price you cannot even handle emergencies like a car accident or a sudden trip to the hospital for surgery. Personally I would reject all offers below 7K and even then I would be expecting to be married with a wife also earning. And no kids, of course. 3500 is right at the bottom and I will guess its a factor in rising crime and police corruption. People need money one way or the other and its very hard to legitimately earn enough to keep rice on the table nowadays!!

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