53k MYR per month salary

Hi Guys,

Have been offered a job at KUL at 53k per month salary + EPF, so total gain would be around 60k per month.

We are family of 3. Just one child, would go to the International school.

Is this salary doable? Any suggestions please?


Wow that is an awesome payment package. If you are not mistaken a 53k salary is more than enough to live comfortably in Malaysia. But the only downfall is buying a house they are very expensive but with the salary and good financial management you can buy a nice house in 2 - 5 years depending on where and size of the house. And based the size of your family you can afford a very good international school as I was paying around 40k when I was at Nottingham university(so I am guessing it would be affordable for you). Getting a car is very easy in Malaysia but then again it comes down to your preferences, you can either buy it in one go (lots of showrooms in Malaysia) or get the car and pay in installments (same applies to housing I guess not sure for international but I don't think there will be stumbling blocks based on your financial records ). Other basic needs are quite cheap like food, Internet, electronics, local travel.I don't think there is more than wish you luck in your next journey in Malaysia 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Thank KC123.

No intention of buying a house in KL. Going as an expat for 2-3 years max.


Hi Sammy,

On the surface it looks like a good package, but you will need to figure in paying around RM40k or more for many of the international schools. Please bear in mind that it is worth contacting the schools well in advance to enquire about the cost once you know which part of KL you will be living as well as to book a place for your child. There are a lot of International School scattered around KL so your location will help other posters give better advice on schools.

If the package also excludes accommodation, then depending on which part of KL you will be living and what standard of apartment and facilities you are seeking, you can expect to pay from as little as RM4k upwards. Of course there are cheaper ones but I wouldn't recommend them for various reasons. If you figure in a budget of RM4k to RM6k you can easily find a nice place and that would leave you funds for living.

If you have three rooms with airconditioning you may have an electric bill of around RM500 - RM1000 per month. Then Astro cable TV is another RM300 per month. And some more for internet.

Bear in mind that if you rent an apartment you'll need to pay 2 months security deposit plus half a month utilities deposit and one month in advance. Furnished apartments are easy to find. Condominium maintenance fess and bi-annual Assessment fees are paid by the landlord.

Assuming that you will also be paying for accommodation out of your salary, you will not be saving a lot of money. If you wish to buy a car, you can get a locally made one secondhand fairly cheap. Or buy a new one and the dealer will arrange financing for you. Then accounting for local for travel or holidays you will spend even more, but as I said it is doable, but you probably won't save much because of the cost of the schooling.

The school fees are what makes all the difference so expats who have their children's schooling included in their package are able to save a lot. Which means if you can negotiate that into your contract you could even consider a lower salary if need be.


Hi Hansson,

Thank you for your reply.

My calculations are based on the following monthly estimate, let me know if I need to correct it:

5K for Accommodation
4k for School
4K for Food
1k utilities
1k transport
3k shopping
5k misc

Total 23k a month. 53k @ 28% tax and EPF = 32k in hand= 9k saving
After 6 months        53k  @ 22% tax and EPF = 37k in hand =14k saving

Am I missing anything?



Ah yes, sorry I made a mistake on the school fees so actually you will have a lot to save. Everything seems very very doable and your figures are pretty much spot on give or take a little here and there.

Only thing I can think of is to check when the school fees need to be paid, and to have the money ready to pay the deposits and advance rent for your apartment which based on 5k per month would be around 17.5k.

53k MYR ? What do you work as?

very doubtful

Doubtful of what sorry?

This is too much salary. May I know your job description.

This salary is considered reasonable in many parts of the world and totally depending on your experience and skills. I can't disclose too much about the job, however, it is to lead marketing, operations, buying and logistic team and multi million dollar P&L accountability.

All the best

Thats really great. If you can share,How many years of experiance do you have?

hahaha..53K ? ...this only Sultan or King in Malaysia salary like this. You sure you get this salary... wow ..congratulations ! What a type of Job you get it ?

Depends on the experience.. i guess Mr. Sammy must be having good experience of around 15-20 years.

I think the OP's question about being able to live with a salary of 53k has already been clearly answered.

Hi ,

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could you please stay on topic and post your housing ads in the housing section ? thanks

I am into SAP Basis, I get more than 60K per month.. lol..

RM 60,000 per month????

That's not a big deal.. My boss AVP HR gets approx 96 MYR.. I get far too less.. I am one of those unlucky delivery heads..

60k per month, you can live luxury in Kuala Lumpur.
Usually working as director / VP level in US company.

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