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I checked the job section but couldn't get an idea of the typical salary ranges for a full time domestic worker or a personal driver. I also want to ask whether it's possible to make a deal with a driver or taxi who owns a car to work part time 2 full days a week, would something like this be feasable and how much would it cost (not by hour rather by day or month)?

One last question, in case I don't really cook a lot or make my own country's cuisine could I pay my stay out helper a lunch allowance so she can bring her own lunch to eat while at my house?

Sorry I'm asking so many questions but I've tried and failed to find answers on my own:)

House helper staying out is about RM2.2k per month if Filippino (government has set that a minimum wage for them) but other nationalities it is more flexible and lower. A live-in Maid would earn about RM1.8k per month. Driver or Maid would need a foreign worker work permit if not Malaysian. Lunch allowance sounds fine.

Drivers get paid about the same so RM1800-2200.

No you cant officially use a cab and you would be in trouble when you get stopped at one of the regular checks. You have to be properly licenced and insured under Malaysian rules. I think there is a special test you have to pass as well. You would not make enough money to live on with 2 days working in a taxi. You would end up getting reported by other taxi drivers as well. The owner of the cab would not risk losing their licence and be fined or imprisoned. If caught you would risk being deported as well, for potentially breaking the terms of your immigration status. You do need a permit or pass to live in Malaysia if Egyptian. If under MM2H, under 50 years of age, no working is permitted.

Thanks for your reply:) I'm not sure if I asked the cab question correctly, I meant if I for example I need a driver with his own licensed car as I won't have one, to dedicate two days a week like Monday and Tuesday every week for me and I will pay him a monthly or daily salary is there such a thing? So it's like a part time job I mean.

I know some cabbies who you can hire for the day. It would probably be about RM250. They quite like that arrangement because you pay them far more than they can earn by touting. You would just need to ask around. But you dont need to do it that way. With all the phone taxi apps its so easy to get a cab when and where you want and just pay for the journey. There is an abundance of taxis unless it is raining. But still best to use an app because if you get them on the street they dont use the meter and haggle a very high fare (which they are not supposed to do).

Thank you that was very helpful:)

My house helper charges RM50 for three hours. She helps me twice a week. Unfortunately, her English is poor. But she is very good with her work and trust worthy. She also works for some other expats who live in the same building with me & she has been working there for more than three years. I live in Bangsar, anyway.

Yes I'm looking  a job for my cousin. But she's going back to Phil this month and she well be back here in Malaysia on April 15,2015, if you are not urgently needed you can wait for her .

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Thanks. Mylin

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Hi good evening, I am from Philippines, and can speak English .the 50 ringgit for   3 hrs is OK .may I know what day do you need the partime helper ?

#Gravitas: Is it really required min. RM2200 for Philipina housemaid? I have received job application asking for RM1400. If i hire her for this salary will I be breaking the law?

I was paying my maid 1000MYR/month for 20hours/week in 2012.
+ 1/2 month for Christmas.
+ 15 days holidays or 1/2 month money
+ 1 flight ticket to Davao per year or the corresponding money.
She was (is) a very good maid.
I was her sponsor.


Dear Sir,
Have you found a driver of your own?
I am willing to be your driver and i have 25 years of driving and i am a careful driver.
i can be your driver using your vehicle or my own vehicle sir.
I can speak English , Bahasa Malaysia ,Mandarin and also a few chinese dialect.
I hope that you will keep in touch with me regarding this matter.
Thanking you in advance.
Regards Patrick

Hell everyone,

@Patchoong, please drop an advert or run through the ads in the appropriate section of the website for your job hunt :

- Personal driver job opportunities in Kuala Lumpur

Thank you in advance,

Ok i will do so .
Thank you

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