Gym/Healthclub in/near Azaiba area

Hello Everyone,

I just moved in from India to Oman on a business assignment for few months. I have taken up an accommodation in Azaiba. I am looking forward to interact (and hopefully meet) with you all on a regular basis.

For now, does anyone know a good Gym/Healthclub in/near Azaiba area?

PS: I am new here, so don't have a car to drive. Looking for an easily accessible gym/healthclub.

Thanks a lot for your help.


Hi HappyKappy,

Since you are still not mobile, the best way to locate the closest gym to where you live would be to take a walk around and see if there are any such places close by.

Thanks Sumitran. I guess I have to consider hiring a shared cab everyday to go to a gym here.

Thanks for your help.

Any forum members' meet planned?

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