4 days in HCMC

Hi Forum. I'm coming to HCMC for four days next month and I'm looking for tips as to what to do/see/visit.
My visit is for Thursday-Sunday inclusive.
I am a 55 year old male, travelling solo.

So far, I've got a couple of ideas for day trips.
The Cu Chi Tunnels. (Definitely).
The Mekong Delta. (Possibly).

I enjoy a nice walk and I've noticed that the Saigon River flows through the city.
Are there any areas which are particularly nice to go for a riverside walk?
Or any parks to have a stroll through?

I'd also like to pay a visit to the Museum of Vietnam's History, The War Remnants Museum and The HCMC Fine Arts Museum.

Obviously, some of these may need to be struck off the list, as I don't want my visit to be a whistle-stop tour.

I think that's enough to keep me occupied for four days, (hopefully including a stroll around an area of the city, sampling restaurants and coffee shops), but I would like to hear from people living in HCMC, as internet searches don't always find the best things.

Now for evening entertainment.
Somewhere to socialise would be preferable.
Somewhere to be entertained would also be preferable.
So far, I've found that a movie is shown on Thursday nights at a place called Saigon Outcast. I enjoy movies, so this would suit me.
I also like live music.
I would like to sample some of the Craft beers in Saigon. (In moderation, of course...).
I'll probably be staying in District 1 and a couple of bars I've found in that area are the Pasteur Street Brewing Company and Quan Ut Ut.
Recommended? Or other recommendations?

Any other tips on where to go/what to see/
I'm fit and healthy and want to make the most of my visit.
Cheers, Coatesy.

I would avoid cu chi tunnels, it takes about a day and there is not a lot to see. you can fire an ak47 if you want for a small price which is fun. but it is hot out there and a lot of tourists. there are a few companies offering half day and day tours of saigon on the back of a vespa scooter, which is a lot of fun. they also offer night tours designed around food and entertainment which is good also. the war museum is great.  you could also take a xyclo just give the guy 150,000 and ask him to take you on a tour for an hour or so around the city. the ben thanh market is worth a look and the bitexco tower in the financial district for a view over the city.

Cheers to panda7 for the reply.
I think the Cu Chi Tunnels are off my itinerary.
I like the idea of a xyclo ride around the town.

Of course there's always the chance that people living in HCMC don't want to give up their favourite places on an open forum.
I hadn't thought of this.
It makes sense.

Anyway, I'm finding lots of information on the internet, of riverside walks, parks to visit, restaurants, allsorts.
It seems like there's plenty to do in my 4 days in HCMC.

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