want to meet new friends-visitors to my village

Hello !
I am Ha, living near Ha Noi city, I have my own job as a private tutor/ a private teacher. I do my own work at home. I teach English for local children. I can speak Chinese well. I know many tourist destination in Viet Nam, I have time for you when you can come to visit my village, it is a pottery village. I can show you around: natural lake, high and old mountain, national park with old high and big trees.
- I am interested in exchange languages. If anyone can speak Korean, you can also help me.
- if you want to ask me for any information when you arrive Viet Nam, Please dont hesitate.
- It is convenient for you to contact me at any time.

Looking forward to meeting you

Hi Ha!

Would love to meet you! My name is Cherry  and I'm from the Philippines. Am arriving this week in Hanoi.   I am an English Teacher too. Nice to make new friends.

Most excited to meet you, when are you free? I am coming there on Friday. Drop me a message :)

Many thanks!

We should visit her village someday Cherry :)
I love travelling and exploring new places

It is nice to hear that you come to Viet Nam,
when you arrive at the airport you can contact me directly. I live far away airport only 25KM.
I have my own time . I just work a few hours per day.
Dont hesitate to contact me. I have time for all of you, all friends.
I think of finding a part time job in Ha Noi city, so it is easy for us to keep in touch and have time to be together.
you can contact me through***

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I always welcome you to visit my places at any time, I can spend time with you to see places and to talk to local people, to discover some places near my home.
I know many tourist destinations and I have free time for you.
we should keep in touch

:heart:  :top:  :cheers:  :thanks:

Yes! We should all meet soon  :heart:

Thank you so much Ha for your warmth and generosity   :heart:  :D

Dear everybody, can i play with ?

Gianghn :

Dear everybody, can i play with ?

Can you please be more specific?  :huh:


Priscilla team

May name is Giang, I line in Hanoi.
If some of you want to visit Ms Ha 's village, I thing we can go with together.
May be I "ll taxi drive free for you at the weekend.
I hope you can teach Engling on the way to there, and it will fun.
Thanks so much.

hi these Do you like to traveling out Hanoi ?


Where do you live?
Do you live in Bat Trang?
Can Vietnamese attend ?

Xin chao em ! my names Travis From Uc im looking to travel to Vietnam in thang 12 and would like to explore north Vn this time ! your add is very friendly :)

I live in Huong Canh Village, Binh Xuyen District, Vinh Phuc province, Viet Nam
would like to welcome all visitors to see pottery village near my place.

I would like to welcome you and other visitors. That is my part to be here in this website. I can speak languages, I am good at places and know many local people. I have a lot of free time and hospitality to meet new friends. Whenever or whereever we go the first things we like is friendship of local people, the friendship and friendly of people make us feel like at home.

nice hearts are valueable like nice places.

How can we can keep in touch here because the law is limited from providing personal information.

Vinh Phuc, Viet Nam

Hello Ha,
Thank you for your kind hospitality. Because there are many people want to visit your village. My idea is to have a 16 seats van to pick-up from Hanoi and for those who want to go will meet up at Opera House and we will be transfer to your village. When we arrive to your village you will have a schedule to introduce everyone and to show us around village. We are interested to daily life of local people.
We will fixed the date, time, number of register and will inform you back. What you need to do it to draft an itinerary (you act like host and tour guide. What do you think a visitor would like to learn from your village. We will spend our time to learn about yourself about your village and at the same time we will share our experience.
You can conduct all activities in English. We can have some small team building during the day or some game.
All the cost will be share equally.
Your task now will be a real schedule.
Any idea from you would be welcome.
Thank you!

Dear Nam
That is nice and interesting to welcome you and all new visitors.
I can show all you around my village, to talk to kindest, nicest people whom I have ever known.
There are some places to see: pottery village, lakeview, some local schools .
I feel happy to be with new people and to be a local guide.
Vinh phuc province
Binh Xuyen District
Huong Canh Village
I live next to Cuu Long Ga ( a very famous restaurant that all people know)

Dear Hà,
For easier communication, please post your email address here.
Thank you,

@ habooking > If your help is actually free, it is the most welcome on However, if you are using the forum to advertise your services as a local guide, i invite you to get registered in the business directory only and to avoid free advertising on the forum as it is against our code of conduct. !

For sharing of private information, please use your private messages as all personal contact details are removed from the forum.


Priscilla  :cheers:

I am a free local guide.

I am willing to help new visitors who want to discover my village. I am willing to help all visitors come and visit my village in the countryside.

I am my own boss, I have my own time, I have free time to take new visitors to come and see places.

I dont expect from visitors for anything. I dont want anything from all other people
Lets come and see my village . let 's come and see me, the kindest and nicest person .

Thank you very much!

The administrator prevents us from providing emails. How can we keep in touch
1-  I am free from morning till 2 PM
2- At 2:00 PM I have some local children . They learn English at my own classroom, you and all friends can come and join my class. I will let children and students play some games and you can join the games which I organize.
3- I work at my own classroom, I am at home all day,, for sure that all people can stop at my place first , to have some tea, then I will set up time to see some family make pottery, local markets, local schools, local people. to see some lakes, or railway station.

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