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My wife and I will be moving to KL from Taipei later this year. We have a medium sized (well-trained) dog and a small cat. After doing some research, it seems like landed property (bungalow, townhouse, duplex, etc) is our only option, unless we want to roll the dice and see if anyone from the Home Owners Association complains.

My work location will be in Bangsar South. My wife and I like Bangsar and Damansara Heights. I don't have a firm budget yet, but I'd like to set the limit at 10,000 RM, but would prefer to pay around 7,000-8,000 RM per month. Safety is my number one concern since I will be at the office during the day, while my wife stays at home.

Properties that I like are Idamansara and Seri Beringin in Damansara Heights and The Ara in Bangsar. All are gated communities, but after doing some research online, it appears nothing is absolutely safe from home invasions.

I would really appreciate it if you could share your experiences living in KL, and if there are areas or properties that I should avoid. Also, if you could recommend other properties or areas that I should be looking at as well.



I think all three properties you've mentioned are excellent. The two in Damansara Heights are very exclusive with great facilities and the Ara in Bangsar is perhaps a little less exclusive but much better placed and designed in a great Balinese style. For the Ara you'd be need to consider the view as I believe there is construction going on beside it, while another property on the same side is waiting government approval to demolish and rebuild, but that is probably unlikely to happen soon.

With regards to your point about home Owners Association, every condominium has it's own House Rules that either state that pets are allowed, not allowed, or limited to one large pet.  Some allow pets as long as they are not a nuisance such as  yapping which disturbs the neighbours. But more importantly, the House Rules are quit difficult to enforce because the Government Regulations stipulate that residents in a Condo or apartment building are entitled to keep one large pet. Even people often have more than one, but it is extremely difficult for Home Owners Associations to actually do anything about it. It involves calling DBKL who may or may not get around to making an unannounced visit so it is actually very difficult to force residents to remove pets. However, as your dog is medium sized, then it could be a problem for any Muslims or parents with children who might share the lift with you, so probably better to go for a gated house.

If you do consider condominiums, then you could consider One Menerung which is exclusive and located directly behind Bangsar Shopping Centre where they have a Jasons supermarket and lots a great shops and restaurants. It is also very easy, as with The Ara, to drive to Bangsar South.

I lived in Bangsar for several years and I really loved it. The whole area near Jalan Telawi and Bangsar Village is great, and it is very well positioned.

Hi Hansson,

Thank you for your reply.

A friend of mine lives in One Menerung, and is actually where my wife and I had our eyes set on, prior to hearing that they do not allow pets. I spoke to a few real estate agents and they all advised landed property instead.

As for The Ara, Idamansara, and Seri Beringin, would you consider one property to be safer than the other? While at the office, or traveling for work, I want to have the peace of mind knowing that my wife is safe from home evasions. I know nothing is guaranteed in Klang Valley, but I just want to make sure we are situated in a safe community.

During our visits to KL, the city doesn't seem to be as dangerous as all of the news and youtube videos suggests it to be (especially in Bangsar and Damansara Heights). I'm struggling a bit to gauge how much of a concern machete wielding burglars should be to us, and trying to figure out if these intrusions are rarities that are a product of over concerned and critical Malaysian citizens using social media to complain, or legitimate threats that we should be concerned about.

Sorry for the paranoia, I just want to make sure that my family can have a safe life, before uprooting them from Taipei.



I think they are all pretty safe. But the best way to really know is to call and speak to the Building Manager in the Management Office. Ask them about security, when was the last burglary, any serious incidents recently etc.

If they tell you that that the security guards are Nepalese, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are better as there may be a communication problem and they can be as dishonest as anyone else. So I'd strongly advise calling and speaking to the person in charge at the Management Office.

As for safety in KL, I believe you need to be careful at all times. Probably nothing will happen, but you do hear about snatch thieves on motorbikes, they may simply grab a handbag and drive off pulling some innocent woman behind them, or they might smash a car window at the traffic light and grab a bag from the front seat. Common sense will help a lot.

Because I have two young kids, we were always very concerned about child kidnappings. That means keep your car doors locked at all times, even if you leave them unlocked for 30 seconds and you are sitting in the front seat, something could happen. So while probably nothing will happen, it pays to be careful. My wife and I were always concerned about this. But as for machete wielding burglars, I doubt you will see that kind of thing in Damansara Heights or Bangsar, at least not in those properties that you have mentioned.

KL is a really nice city and I am sure you will have a nice life there.

Thanks Hansson

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