Reasonably Priced Arabic Classes

Does anyone have any recommendations on reasonably priced arabic language classes?Preferably Jordanian arabic not MSA.  I know there are tons of language centers, but at least the ones that have websites are all very expesive.

I thought I'd be better at picking the language up naturally, but other than the names of food and some other words that I'd probably be better off not knowing, it's not going so well.

Try Ahlan Jordan -- they have two tiers of teachers and the "training teachers" are 60 JD for 20 hours.

I studied two semesters at the Jordanian university. I was very happy there until they doubled the fees. That was the end of my career.

If someone can shed a lite on this, I'll be very happy as I want to continue.

As far as I know, you can have private lessons as well. If you can form your own group, it will be cheaper.  But the availability depends on where you live.
Still, the best way ( and for free!) to learn is from those who are around you if they are capable of and willing to do so.
And that's most of the time the biggest problem.

I will look into Ahlan!  I'd love to do the program at the University too primadonna,  but yes way too expensive.  Do you know if they reduce the fees if you have citizenship? It's close to my house and I think it would great way to meet people. I learn better in a classroom then I would private lessons as well. My husband is Jordanian and has tried to teach me some but it's hard to learn from family.

I don't know if they have special prizes for "new" citizens but I have thought it about too.

Jordan University, if you are in Amman, they have a language centre

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