Want to know about the company-Al Mutawa trading LLC

Hi All,

First of all thanks to all  in this forum  who are answering queries of expat and new expat .

I have got an offer from AL Mutawa trading company in AL Mutarah.

I want to know hows the  company , whether it is good company  as I have to decide whether to join this company or not.

Also whats the minimum  rent for 1 bhk or 1 room kitchen in Muscat for a family of three (couple and 5 yr old son)

Can my wife who is teacher can work in Muscat ,if shes under my sponsorship?


Hi shekharnewexpat2014,

I have seen the company's building located in Azaiba, but not the one in Muttrah. Sorry, can't say anything about that company since I do not know.

Well, if your work spot is going top be Muttrah, then obviously you would have to look for a 1BHK in Muttrah, or at the farthest, Al Falaj Area, CBD Area, MBD Area or, maximum Ruwi. You cannot live beyond these neighbourhoods.

A 1 BHK is Muttrah would not cost your more than say R.O. 350/-. House rents in Muttrah are perhaps the least in Muscat. Muttrah is a very, very old neighbourhood.

And no expat would want to go and live there out of choice, unless there's some unavoidable reason for doing so.

Low rents / sharing accommodation are two such reasons. Reasons for these are (i) the place is a very ancient neighbourhood, (ii) many locals inhabit there which make it a wee bit irksome for the expats (you should know that the locals and the expats do not really mix too well), (iii) since there is a single approach road to Muttrah, traffic jams are horrendous, which make it living there, well, a living nightmare !

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