SEN Tutor for home schooling Pipera

Hello, We will be moving to Pipera this summer. We may need to consider a tutor to assist with home schooling or even someone who is able to run the home-schooling program.  He is 14/15 years with various SEN.  Any links to tutors or home schooling ideas as well as English based special education school/class would be helpful. Thank you!!

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I've already responded by PM to the OP, but maybe some others will have some useful information to share? Anybody?

Romaniac Experts Team

I just read your post requesting info on homeschooling options for 14/15 y.o. with SEN.  I am currently homeschooling my 13 y.o. in Pipera as well.  I've been using Calvert's program, and it has worked very well for us the last two years. 

I would be more than happy to discuss further with you, if you like? 

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