Finding a teacher for child with "special needs"

Hello all,
I along with my family will be moving to Bucharest over the summer. We are in search of a tutor/teacher that could assist in homeschooling our 11 year old son with high functioning autism.  Also, are there any other expat's homeschooling and have regular gatherings?  I would like for our son to make some friends, since he won't have regular daily interaction with children in a transitional school setting.  Any input/suggestions are welcomed.


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Please check out those two links here as it might eventually help:

- … co-romania

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Hi! We are moving to Bucharest this summer! Our son has ADHD and various traits of Aspergers.  We are considering home schooling. I would love to hear what help you found in Bucharest. We'll likely be living in Pipera/Baneasa or surrounding.  Our son is 14. Keen to meet.

What help did you end up finding? Home school teacher?

Also, how about good therapists?

Thanks so much!

Wilburnsontour :

What help did you end up finding? Home school teacher?

Also, how about good therapists?

Thanks so much!

FYI, this topic has been inactive over 2 years.  It's unlikely you'll get a response from those that previously commented.

Romaniac Experts Team

Thank you, I appreciate your response.

I'm sorry for the very delayed response.  I never received notification of your message.  If you're still interested in speaking, please let me know.


Hi W,
If you are still active on, do you mind getting in touch? We are in a similar situation you were in 2016 when you were looking for specialists for your son.
Anyone else might be able to assist?

Hello there! What do you need for your 11 years old child? A specialist to do lessons with your son? Because I'm already doing for a Romanian one with special needs. And I am a psychologist also. If you are interested to talk with me about, keep in touch

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