In desperate need of reviews/comments about Mark Twain Int'l S and KG

Hello Expat Parents,

We're moving to Bucharest this summer and I've selected the Mark Twain International School and KG for my 5-year-old-to-be. However, I'm in desperate need of some comments or reviews of parents whose children have attended it. For example, are the children happy there? Do they really speak English there -- teachers? students? -- so is it more than just a gimmick? Is there a sizeable expat community of children there and what's their national makeup? How much time do they have to be physically active (not only in gym class, but during breaks, particularly outside breaks)? Are the parents happy with their kids' academic and emotional development?

I'm worried about the move overall and in particular about how he'll adapt to a new place, a new language, new people around him and a lack of his old friends, so at least am trying to gather a sufficient amount of info about his likely new school. So if you've sent or know someone whose kids attend/have attended the MTIS, I would be grateful for any and all comments or reviews -- positive or negative -- they're all welcome!

Hi, I can't give you too many details unfortunately, but what I can say is that I have several friends who had children at this school  and were highly disappointed abt it. Complaints were abt the teachers ( very low level), not good english, kids with bad behaviour, food and teaching rooms not ok aso. If you need a school in english language maybe the British School of Bucharest to be a better option.  Or maybe the American School. Both are quite expensive though. If you can settle with french, then The Lycee Francais Anna de Noailles is definitely an option and if you need german then Die Deutsche Internationale Schule Bukarest ( not the Goethe Kollegium - bad quality teaching, bad german  ). Hope this was somewhat helpful.

Hello...I am an expat teacher from America working here in Bucharest. I cannot give you personal experience, but I can tell you the school has a horrible reputation for Native teachers. I have spoken to some people who have worked there and the turnover is huge because the school doesn't pay the teachers salaries...sometimes for months. This isn't meant as an advert...but you are welcome to check out the school I work at. It is entirely in English and focuses on emotional intellegence and uses the British national curriculum. It is called Verita International School. Great school and I enjoy working there...the teachers are all very loving.

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