Photography Courses/Classes/Lessons/Clubs?

Hello everyone, wondering if anyone knows anything about photography courses or classes in English in Bucharest?  Or even a photography enthusiast group.  I have all my own equipment, just hoping for a few pointers and someone to bounce ideas off of.


There's a guy who runs photograph course in the form of field trips with certain themes. I've never been on one (seemed a touch pricey for my pocket) so I can't tell you more than that. Here's his link: … kshop.html

Cristina, feel free to contact me. I am a member of the Bucharest Women's Photo Club (there is a facebook page) and we do a charity project every year.  I am a teacher of beginner photography classes for English speakers and we have lots of fun going out and taking photos (and learning some as well).

I am interested in the Bucharest Women's Photo Club. Can you send me more information?

Twyagain :

I am interested in the Bucharest Women's Photo Club. Can you send me more information?

Hello and welcome on board :)

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I knew it was an old thread but figured it would pop to the top when a new comment was added to it.  I am happy to do what you recommend and start a new thread with an introduction of myself.  I look forward to learning moe about the group and hope to get involved.  Thank you. Twyla

Hi there
I am looking for photography lessons and workshops. . Do you know any in Bucharest.  Romania.?


I teach photography - usually in a group of four (just to be sociable). I haven't done one here yet as we only arrived at end of August but aim to do a class either December or January.

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