Tips on Traveling : Turkey /Jordan

Hi I'm planning to visit Turkey and Jordan this January.Can anyone give some travelling tips on these two countries?How to get visa,cheap tours etc..thank you 😃

I just back from Jordan 2 days ago.

My Advice, don't plant to visit Jordan at all, they don't have anything around the capital city.

Dead sea is the only place i fund it cant be good for relax, but you have to stay in 5* resort like Mariot, Ajloan forests also good, but more good in spring time.

Go to turkey and forget Jordan, or maybe you want for religious tourism in Jordan :)

Planning to visit Petra in Jordan...have you been there?thanks for the tips

What exactly you want to know about Petra?

Hotel cost, u know any travel agency I can arrange with before I go there?.

From where you travel and how long you want to stay in Petra?

The most hotels are situated close to the site on a walk distance. A Google search can give you information about the hotels and their rates.


good luck

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According to my experiences, average hotels in wadi musa (Petra is the stone city itself), range between 15 and 20JD. There is always space to haggle the price down. There is no run on accommodations. I personally rent rooms at sight once I get there...

2nights only

Thanks for the Info....😊

Hi Alek
To get  a visa to jorda depends on if you have a Jorda embassy in your country .if not you need to get an invitation which is approved by the Ministry slowing you to entrance
Turkey may be difficult at da moment due to insecurity level.

I'm here in Saudi Arabia...thanks for the info

I'm here in jubail city.I need to go Riyadh to get a visa

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