Reacquisition of Philipine Citizenship in SF

Does anyone here have any experience reacquiring their PH citizenship at the San Francisco Consulate? How long is the process - from the application (in person) to the oath ceremony? Thanks in advance.

I applied for citizenship reacquisition back in 2008 at SF Consulate. It took around 2 weeks from the submission of requirements to oath taking. I don't know how long it takes now.

When I applied, I submitted all the requirements in order and even put numbered tabs in them. The officer was happy with that.

You should bring all the correct documents. For example, do not go there and submit a baptismal certificate when the requirement is an original NSO certified birth certificate. You will just be wasting their time, and will take them a longer time to process other applicants. (The applicant before me did that. It was just so annoying.)

When I applied, the Consulate asked for a photo with a blue background. There was a photo taking shop accredited by the Consulate located in the same building. Don't bother having your photo taken from another shop, like say Walgreens. The accredited shop might charge higher, but they will take the correct shade of blue and dimensions.

Wow, thanks! I plan to go tomorrow and hope to get the certificate before the 28th because that's when my flight to the Phils will be.

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