CFO seminars in Cebu


Back again, my beautiful fiancé was turned away from Cebu airport last night because she did not have her CFO certificate.

Does anybody know the waiting time to attend a seminar in Cebu and the cost?

Many thanks


Hello Paul,

My wife had the same issue although she had the visa to come to Greece, noone informed her about the cfo certificate and sticker needed in her passport.

You can visit the CFO page and book for the seminar online.
They also have a facebook page.
The cost is quite small, I do not remember exactly and it takes a few hours to make the seminar.

There is a possibility she gets only the CFO certificate and not the sticker in her passport.Do not worry as it it ok.In any case there is a CFO officer in the airport to request for assistance with immigration but they are not there 24 hours a day.

Don't hesitate to ask me anything you need.

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