Tips for moving household goods in the Philippines./VISA REQUIRED

Before moving in the Philippines, kindly secure below type of visa to be entitled for exemption from duties and taxes.

13(a) visa - Foreign spouse or child of a Filipino residing in the country permanently.
13(d) visa - A woman who was a previous Filipino citizen and lost her citizenship due to marriage to an alien.
13(e) visa - Returning Former Resident – alien who was previously a permanent resident and is returning from abroad to an unrelinquished residence in the Philippines
13(g) visa - Returning Former Citizens – former Filipino citizens who are returning to the Philippines for permanent residency.
9(g) visa - Expatriates under Pre-Arranged Employment Visa.
47(a)2 visa - Special Non-Immigrant Visa – Foreigners who work in the Philippine government projects under special contract or Exchange scholars.
EO226 - Special Resident Investor Visa – Foreign personnel of Regional or Area Headquarters or Multinational companies.

All are fully exempted from duties and taxes if you submit/present proper documents. If you don't hold any of the above visa, you can still send items in Philippines but subject to duties and taxes.

This is a very interesting respond that i would love to get this type of visa since i am a filipino cit who change citizenship  due marrying an american . Where to Apply the 13g.

Hi ! you can apply for dual citizenship and your wife can apply for 13A visa.
You can directly ask Bureau of Immigration regarding the requirements and procedure.

Hello, I just recently applied for my dual citizenship (lost my Fil citizenship through naturalization) to be able to make purchasing of  lot in Nusugbu, Batangas easier. Me and my wife's currently planning to move back for retirement in the Philippines in 5 years time frame (have the house construction starts in a two years or so). My current wife also lost her Fil citizenship through naturalization, my question is whats the easiest approach to send some our belongings to the Philippine without having to worry about paying taxes? also we would like to purchase appliances here in the US to send to our "new" home in the Phillipines. Should she apply for her dual citizenship as well?

We're planning to keep our home in San Diego,CA and have it rented and draw some passive income from it with the addition from my VA benefits and SSD.

P.S.I left Phil when I was 15 and only been back once since then and its for a military exercise. I hope it would be an easy transition back, as I been longing for the "simple" living.


Dual citizen are fully exempted from duties and taxes. You should submit below documents to your broker or Department of Finance at least 2 or 3 weeks before the arrival of your shipment in Manila port.
-Original Philippine and Foreign passports are needed. (Philippine passport must be valid/not expired)
- Original Certificate of Oath of Allegiance and Identification Certificate or Naturalization
- Copy of Proof of Residency - purchase proof of land or house property
- Copy of Birth Certificate
- Copy of Marriage Contract

When you send the container, you need to be here in the Philippines for the application of full exemption.

Let me know if you have further questions, glad to help you. Thanks!

Hi you can apply 13A in Bureau of Immigration.


It's 13A visa, for a non restricted foreign national who is married with filipina.

You can submit the application to the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation near you with complete requirements.

Thank you.


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