visa from US to Philippines

leaving US and going to Cebu for 3 months. what's the best advice for a visa and extention to cover me?


You can apply at the Philippine consulate for a single entry 59 day tourist visa in person or by mail, check with the PI consulate in your area. If a consulate is inconvenient, you can simply enter the Philippines as a tourist for an initial stay of 30 days.

Your passport should be up to date with at least six months remaining before a renewal is required. Blank pages in the passport and a forwarding or return air ticket to your return destination. … er-e-o-408

Onward tickets:

About 5 days prior to the expiration of your initial 30 day tourist visa you can extend it for an additional 29 days at the main BI office or extension offices. After that you can extend for an additional two to six months and you will be required to apply for an ACR-I identification card at the same office at which you are applying for your visa extension, a simple procedure.

A couple of helpful links: … a-tourist/ … nd-59-days

DO NOT overstay you visa,



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Since you are American citizen and  non restricted national you can enter the Philippines without Visa.

Your requirements is to present your valid passport and must have at least 3 available pages for stamping of your latest arrival and extensions of tourist visa.

Also you need to present re-bookable return ticket to the Immigration airport.

Upon your arrival your passport will be stamped validity of stay for 29 days. Before the expiry date 7 days before you can extend your tourist visa.


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