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I have been looking at Visa Extension topics. I would like some advice about travelling to and from the Philippines with that in mind.
I have family both in the UK and Australia. The Philippines location is good for going to either. I want to explore the possibility of making the Philippines my permanent home, which is currently Australia. Before applying for a permanent visa though I would like to spend at least a year on visitors visa, extending as and when necessary.
My question is.- As airlines require me to have a ticket out of as well as into The Philippines, and I don't want to be committed to travel dates. What is the usual procedure people use, Air ticket wise, when extending visas?

The onward travel ticket is a pitfall of going to the Philippines. If you don't intend to leave in the first 30 days you either buy or rent an onward ticket or don't go. I looked into renting an "onward flight" (google it) buy decided on a one way ticket to Singapore of $85USD instead.
Maybe I'll visit Singapore, maybe I'll throw it away. Buying a refundable ticket is also an option but depending on the airline it may be more trouble than it's worth.
Those are your options. Theres no way around the rule.

:) Very interesting Rod, Thank you, I will look into that farther. From what I have read so far in following that, Proof Of Onward Travel is not required If I get a 60 day Visa in advance, that may have been for Thailand. Is that also true for The Philippines?

i would recommend that question be directed to the Philippines embassy or Board of Immagration. Most responses on here would be conjecture at best.  Good Luck


Currently you only need a throwaway ticket when flying into the Philippines after which you can then avail yourself of extensions as needed up to 3 years.  The onward ticket can be any destination you choose which most likely would be the cheapest.

We have experienced other travelers to the Philippines being asked for their onward ticket prior to boarding their flight to the Philippines Recently two travelers had to scramble to purchase onward tickets before the plane left Kuala Lampur on an Air Asia flight. 

Remember to keep your passport up to date as you may not be allowed entry if your passport will expire in less than six months.

If you enter the country with a SRRV Special resident retirees visa, with your wife making use of the Balikbayan privilege or with a 13A permanent resident visa you do not need and onward ticket.

Under Executive Order 408 dated 9 November 2014, as amended, nationals of the listed countries (see link below), may enter the Philippines without a visa for a stay not exceeding thirty (30) days provided that they are holders of a passport valid at least six (6) months beyond the period of stay in the Philippines, and possess return or outward bound tickets to their country of origin or next country of destination. … er-e-o-408

You may consider a service recommended by a few other expats called fly onward dot com.



RodBoud :

i would recommend that question be directed to the Philippines embassy or Board of Immagration. Most responses on here would be conjecture at best.  Good Luck


With all due respect, there are many here on this forum who either through personal experience in the Philippines or through experience and extensive research take time out of their day to offer reliable and factual help to members with legitimate questions but with no experience in dealing with their particular issue.

While others may add to the conversation simply to chat and compare the details of their experiences with other members where those experiences have differed with the same outcome. 

In dealing with regulations regarding what we can and cannot do in the Philippines as expats the experience from one government office to another has shown to be inconsistent in many cases. That being said all experiences from all areas of the Philippines if truthful have merit and in reading them a member can gain valuable information for the experience in his or her area and what to expect in the way of consistency or inconsistency. The simple do's and dont's.

The rules here in the Phil seem at times to change almost daily. So it is expected that the members experiences will also and when combined with a little research by the questioning member the necessary information can be found. At times it simply helps to be given a starting point.



Hi TeeJay.
Yes, as I was checking in for a PAL flight in Sydney a few months ago, the person in front of me was refused a flight because she didn't have an onward ticket.
Thanks for the links, Useful information.

My comment was not meant to impugn the character of any members of this site.  My reply was 2 sentences. Yours was 3 paragraphs providing a wealth of information. This site is a tremendous resource of information. We can agree some of the advice given is best guess and not from experience. If Dave applies for a 6 month visa before arrival I suggested he present the question to the embassy/immigration at that time.  Neither of us provided the answer he was looking for. Personally from my research, and validated by your experience, the throw away or rental onward ticket and getting extensions after arrival is the common practice.
This comment is not meant to be derogatory in any way or step on anybodies toes.
All the Best to You & Yours.

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