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I am looking for a personal trainer/fitness coach who can also create/provide a diet regimen. I have been a not very active human being and I think it's time to change the way I live. If you know anyone who has his/her own private training gym, and is affordable (meaning $40 or below per hour in my book), please let me know. I take all recommendations. Thanks a bunch.

Hi Gimmethewine,

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Where exactly in Vietnam are you looking for a personal trainer ?

We do have some contacts listed in the Personal coaches in Vietnam section of the business directory whom you may call to inquire.

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Hi Bhavna,

Thank you. Oops, I should have posted in HCMC forum but couldn't find it earlier. Will look into Personal coaches section right now. Most personal trainers I have contacted do not own a private gym though so I feel that I need some help here, the word-of-mouth kind of advertising.

@ gimmethewine > Your topic is now on the Ho Chi Minh City forum. :)



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