Getting IT job in Muscat


Can anyone suggest if we can get a IT job in Muscat, I am ready to teach in schools as well...

Hi Sapna,

Are you already in Oman/Muscat ?

Maybe you could search in the local newspaper in you are already there.

What are your qualifications ?

Some details are most welcomed so that members may properly guide you.

All the best,  :)

Dear Bhavna,

Thanks for the feedback....I am B.E graduate in computer science....I have 5 yrs if experience in the field of software testing(India)....

Later on moved to Qatar and was working as administrator for 1 currently in Muscat and looking for a job.

Hello sapna22 :cheers:

I invite you to drop all job hunt adverts in the  Jobs offers in Muscat section of the site.


Hi sapna,

you can check on olx and also you may find some relevent . also if possible drop your resume to the companies directly sometimes luck works out. In oman we will have to put in little more effort .

Good Afternoon,

Sapna are you looking job in QA or Administration … IES_49.php

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