U.K. Referendum in June 2016 moving to Malta in October

My husband is Eu citizen but I am not.

We are looking to move to Malta this October but if the Uk exits Europe we won't have the right to live and work in Malta.

Therefore would we still be able to relocate to Malta as self sufficient ?

Look forward to receiving your replies

I would doubt that  an exit would make any difference, certainly by October, and we would probably be considered as EEA, like several non EU countries. It's not on my worry list and we won't be moving till next year.
Enjoy Malta.

I personally believe there is no way they could 'unpick' things quickly, so if it is going to happen, they will set a future date to leave. In my opinion that would be AT LEAST a year down the line, and in the meantime it should be the status quo.

However- who knows?! It's the same as always, few unbiased reports coming out, little factual information, and most people making decisions based on media reports. The same happened with the Scottish independence referendum. No real info about the impact and the procedure following any decision has been provided.

Due to the timing of your move, I doubt any changes will affect you.

What are the residency rules for EEA please.

With regard to

1 self employment
2 being employed
3 self sufficient

Many thanks

The 'stickies' at the top of the forum will give you most of the information you require.

Hi Julie

On the Malta Inside Out website the guide classes EU and EEA together, see here:

Malta Inside Out Residency Guide

I can also see on the ETC site that they are classing EU and EEA together when talking about employment:

ETC non maltese workers


Hi Fi

Thanks for the link.

I am being a bit dim ..... If the uk exits EU and UK is classed as EEA are we then to pay income tax annually min €15,000

Thanks for your help

Sorry what do you mean stickies


Hi Julie

The €15000 rule is for people registering under The Residence Programme, for high net worth individuals.

I think in your case you would be applying for ordinary residence or family member of ordinary residence, which is just the normal employed/self sufficient rules.

I'm just learning about all this myself right enough, but that seems to be what it says :)

Julie2016 :

Sorry what do you mean stickies


Look at the titles at the top of the page

Julie the 'stickies' are the forum entries that are fixed at the top of the malta forum home page, and also at the top of each subject category, e.g. formalities for this post. They are the ones that have a drawing pin symbol against them.

There is a lot of info in one of them about residency, however I think to get the up to date links and info you need to read through the pages of further comments.

I totally understand why people continue to ask more specific questions about their particular circumstances.

All the best


Thank you everyone for your help

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