Driving to Belize, now early May...

From Austin, Texas. Ideally crossing Texas border on May 6th, as to arrive to Belize border n the morning of the 9-10th.
Not picky where I enter Mexico, but planning on the inland route to Chetumal/Corozal. Going to Hopkins, I can drop you off anywhere on that route.
My truck is a 1993 Toyota 4X4 truck, just mechanically reconditioned.
Will have just one extra seat (it's an extended cab, not a 4 seater, unfortunately), would like to share costs and driving time. Prefer someone used to drive manual (stickshift) vehicles. Spanish speaker WAY preferred, lol
Also, if anyone else is driving their vehicle down around that time, I'll be happy to caravan with you.
I have plenty of secure parking, to stage here in Austin before leaving.
Also, any tips on the drive (places to overnight, places to avoid, etc) are incredibly welcome!

Take care y'all!

We are in Temple and going earlier end of April we've only flown. But curious to know what you encounter we do want to try driving some time. good luck & safe travels!

Still on track for leaving early May...

Anyone need a ride?

My plans changed..again... but,
Hope you have a great trip

If you can make it to Austin by Friday morning early, still have a seat, lol

Have a great trip, TexItalian!  My husband and I are planning to drive down to Belize in September.  What is the inland route through Mexico?  We are looking at the coastal route but want to pick the safest route to Belize.  Wishing you a trouble-free journey. :)

Hello all. Made it just fine to Hopkins. Other than sheer boredom, played a box of cassettes twice (CD player was broken), trip was utterly uneventful.
Road taken: Mission (McAllen) to Monterey, down to San Luis, overnight in Queretaro (Hotel ONE is great). Next day down towards Mexico City, bypass to Puebla, very interesting mountain descent to Cordoba, then on to Villahermosa. Overnighted there in a bordello (I thought was a hotel...), next day on to Escarsega. Rather than overnight near Chetumal (I was early), pressed on thru the border.
Bit of a mistake, barely got thru by 5.01pm before they lock your vehicle in for the night.
If anyone need info, just PM me.


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