Bahria Town - golf course - is it a real place

Hi all, sounds like a weird subject line, but my husband is looking at a position with Bahria town and we have tried to access their website which is black listed with major security problems, it has some terrible Trojan's attached to it.  Can someone confirm that Bahria town is an actual place and that they are currently building or beginning to build golf courses?  Thank you kindly.

Bahria town khi is on super highway approx 9 kilometres from toll . Golf course will be ready by the end of this year

yes Bahria Town Islamabad is real place let me forward you website  if you have more question please feel free to ask Thank you

don't worry about their website, these guys don't care about it, I am a web developer and I know its just useless website. .

I live in Karachi and have visited Bahria Sports City Town with family dozens of time. it is real thing.

it will take the due time they mentioned in developing.

you may find Bahria Town photos in my profile.

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