New members of the New Zealand forum, introduce yourself here – 2016

Hi all,

Newbie on the New Zealand forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in New Zealand if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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I am Mazen, 32 male electrical engineer from Egypt.
I have just started my immigration process under SMC scheme. My document is at the NZQA IQA for assessment now.
I believe i can get 145 points if i managed to get 20 points from my partner's qualification.


Hi, I am Khai from Singapore. Have been working in the IT/Network industry for more than 6 years. Am looking for an opportunity to work and live in New Zealand. Anywhere will do.


I suggest that you first check and see if you qualify for a visa.  Check with the NZ Embassy or

Thanks. I have visited the website many times.
Reading at the requirements, I should not have any problems getting a Visa there. Just that I'm not sure where I can get a direct contact and I have not secured any job position.

Apply for a visa through the website I gave you When you have a visa then try a Google search for a job.

Or apply for a job first and let your potential employer you require a visa.

Yeap2. That's what I've been doing. Looking and applying for many jobs.. Hoping someday my wish comes true.  :)

Hi, I am megha, from India. I am currently in Wellington for an internship. I come from a fashion background and love travelling around the world.
Art, culture, design and sharing experiences with others is what I love to do apart from travel.


Hi. i am Murni from Malaysia. im currently working as a petrol station manager for more than 5 years. im looking for an opportunity to work and live in New Zealand. just that im still curious on how to apply a working visa here to migrate myself to New Zealand. Should i apply for job first and wait for offer or just apply for visa [which ever i allow to] and find job later there. really seek for guidance and help. thank you.

Hi bro......same condition with me as like you.......but whats about jobs in NZ. Is it hard to find IT job or you find it easily??

Hello I'm Rodrigo from Chile, I'm a medical doctor and I would love to know what do I have to do to immigrate to New Zealand and a permanent resident and work as a doctor. I want to go with family, my wife is a physical therapist and she has a master in neurorehabilatation and also we have one daughter, she is 2 years old.
I would love receive any information that can help me to go there

thank you.

Hi all fellow expats

My name is Lee-Anne. My husband got a job in Wellington due to start 22 August but there is a delay with his visa so he may start beginning of September. We have 2 boys aged 4 and 8. My boys and I have a flight booked for 31 October so we will arrive in Wellington on 1 November.

I wanted to know how life has been for you particularly those with families? More importantly how did you manage your finances? If it were up to us we would take all our money out of South Africa but there are huge tax implications and other costs. So how best to go about it? Also what banks in New Zealand will give us the best return on our money?

I'm ApJay from Indonesia. I've been working as English teacher for more than 15 years (My expertise is TEYL (Teaching English to Young Learners)). I've got a Master's Degree in English Applied Linguistics. I'm also a good cook and baker. I'm planning to work and live in New Zealand. Hope I can get a job either as a teacher or a cook/baker.
Thank you,

Hi all,

I'm from Barbados and my partner is a Kiwi.  I am looking to move there within the coming year.  I have responded on a prior post re: racism in NZ as we are in a biracial relationship and our children are of mixed heritage.  I am wondering about racial tolerance there primarily towards black skinned people but also towards mixed race children.  My partner claims that he has never noticed any racism and I believe most of you may not have noticed it first hand because often times racism is very subtle. We will be living in Hamilton.

Thanks all,

I am planning to study in NZ and hopefully land a job after that, if possible.

Hi, suggest you need to secure a job first before land in NZ. Try trade me and seek portal .

hi beautiful people;
I am Tariq, 26 years old from Algeria.
I am so interested to live and work in NZ.
I've got master degree in telecommunications systems, and i am currently working at the Space Agency as a Satellite Operator since almost 2 years.
Since there is no Embassy of New Zealand in Algeria, I am kind of confused.
I would be thankful for anyone who can recommend anything helpful.
Thanks everyone.

Hallo, just a warning about coming to NZ without a work visa as my son did. He had a years visa and is well qualified in the IT business having worked in Hong Kong for 15 years before he came over to NZ, he applied for lots of IT jobs and had interviews all over the South Island but as soon as they found out he didn't have work visa it was you would have been offered the job but we don't want the hassle of getting a work visa. However he eventually got a job,but when he applied for a work visa immigration asked the company my son worked for why is he being paid $10000 less than the job qualifications warranted. So luckily where he works it is difficult to recruit people so the company paid the $10000. But he story is if you want to work here try and get a work visa before you come here because if you don't it's a catch 22 no work visa,no job. But to get a job without a work visa it's very difficult.. It's all true.!

I am a job seeker , looking for ICT opportunities in the area of Database ,Business Intelligence / Analytics , Big Data.

I am currently living in Singapore for the past 8 years and have been working in ICT for the past 12 years.

I am planning to go for Skilled migrant visa and wanted to know on the job prospects based on my profile and if i can get a job before hand.

My Spouse is in the same ICT field and seeking for jobs as well.

Hello ..... I am Hussein from Jordan 41 years old, and planning to immigrate to NZ with family  and start a small construction company if possible .... I will have around 300,000 NZ Dollar , is this amount enough to start some thing or not ?? I appreciate your assistance and advice taking into consideration that I am interested to line in wellington or near by

Hallo Hussein, $300000 sounds a lot of money doesn't it, but in reality in New Zealand it won't go far and there are a lot of construction companies here , so think carefully about your choice of locations,down here in Canterbury there is a general shortage of skilled tradesmen so you might be better going for a lesser populated area. Good luck

Hi, my name is Antwynette. I am currently living in the US. My partner and I are looking to live and work in NZ within the year. He is working on his visa application and works in the IT field.

Thanks beenhad for your reply was useful to me.


Hello :)
We are french.
We have lodged our application to SMC resident visa and are both IT professionnals.
Our score was 145 at the time we received ITA, no job offer. My husband is the main applicant and I contribute 20 points as his partner.
Thanks for the forum which helps and gives us hope :)

Hi expat friends! I am Okey Nwadigo. I am new arrival in New Zealand from Nigeria. Just started PhD studies in construction  management  at Auckland University of Technology. I need your encouragement to climatize fast.


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Hi Hussein,

If you are wanting to get your work visa and then residency through running your contruction company or starting your own business here in New Zealand, you could apply for Entrepreneur Work Visa first. However, the process for this type of visa is rather strict and it is a lengthy process to obtain residency. There are other ways that is much easier considering you have owned your own business and have knowledge in contruction. ***


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Hi Beehad,

I think I could relate to what happened to your son. Yes New Zeaand employers always refer applicants who hold resident visa or open work visa to do the job. However, due to the shortage employers are open to overseas workers, especially if the employers are assured that the applicant is eligible to obtain a work visa based on the job offer.

Regarding the $10000 - it is quite common for Immigraiton New Zealand to check and make sure the salary is up to market standard.


Thanks for your reply.

Hallo,there is racism in New Zealand and you don't have to be coloured to experience it!. My daughter in law is Chinese and lives here with her British husband. She regularly experiences racism some of it subtle some not. Your average younger Kiwi is pretty relaxed about non Kiwi people but we find your older( 50+) Kiwi is not so forgiving. So don't come to NZ expecting a easy passage because it does not always happen,As I have stated before this country is no differant from any other country in that there is some and according to The tv  news shows a growing resentment to so many immigrants coming here despite the fact NZ needs them.

Hello everyone and welcome on board.

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All the best,

Hello Everyone, My name is Jad, I am married and have an adorable 2 year old.. I am very interested in relocating to NZ, I am an Sr. Systems Engineer specializing in VMware, VDI, HyperV, Basically Virtualization, I have communicated with some people here, and i am very eager to know how to prepare the Work Visa and or if I can apply for both work Visa and Permanent Residence for me and my Family!?! You can approach me and i will be accepting you with Arms Wide Open in hopes to be friends if (thats a BIG IF) We make it to NZ.

Hi im joining from Turkey and i want to come NZ and find a job. But first i need to search and find jobs online before i travel there. I'm recently find this site and also find you guys ofcourse :)
Is there any helpful employement sites that can you suggest?
Thank you.

I am a clinical Psychologist from South Africa. I have 20 years experience in the clinical field .

Where do I start? Who do I contact.?

My aim is to settle in Wellington.


Hi I'm from midle east want to move newziland as entrepreneurs and start my own business in Auckland ready made garments can you suggest me which area is good and which business is best for me I have 300000 nz doller please tax system

Hi, I'm a fish farmer from France. Looking for a new experience and extend my skills to new ways of producing.
Any suggestions for a hight motivated worker...

Hi, I'm Sean. I am originally from Singapore, I have lived in New Zealand for about 5 years now. I am hoping to meet more friends and network around Auckland and Waikato.

Hello Everyone....I'm Feroze....came to NZ almost 8 years ago on a visitors visa..and have been calling Auckland home since i arrived... I am hoping to make new friends and network with like minded people around Auckland...and happy to help any new/future expats to NZ!!

Hi everyone. I am Austhin from Indonesia. I'm planning to move to Auckland next year. Hope I can make new friends and meet some interesting individuals in Auckland. Have a great day!

Hi everyone,

I am from Malaysia. I am Planning to move and work in New Zealand somewhere next year. I will move with my wife and 2 kids.

For your info, i've been in touch with the Head hunter in New Zealand and he ask me to go there for an interview but all with my own expenses and risk. Means he will not guarantee that i will get the job. I am a Quantity Surveyor that listed in long term shortage of skilled workers.

Hope to hear some of your advise what should i do from here. Me and my wife really thinking of migrating to another country.

Thank You.

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