single christian (woman) wants to marry a muslim man already married

Dear friends,

I have a simple and complicated question in the same time...can someone please tell me if a single christian (woman) can marry a married muslim ( man in Cairo)? I am asking this because in all the European countries they will never accept polygamy and the Embassy will not give me the approval to get married as much as for getting my approval  I need his statutory declaration in which if he will take it he is already married but I am wondering if the Ministry of Justice will marry us without my Embassy approval and if the certificate of marriage is eligible after this?
If there is another way to get married legally please let me know, I am ready to convert to Islam too as I feel close to the religion and I understand the practice and belief.
I will be more than regardful if someone can tell me a way of getting married in the conditions mentioned above.

Thank you in advance.

Embassy latter need. But as owman and if you convert to muslim you can get married legally. But you need good lawyer and lawyer need some paper work.

I am a Christian woman in Biblical studies. The true God created one man for one woman. Jacob never wanted to marry Leah, he was tricked, Rachel was held back on her wedding night and Leah replaced her. Rachel was furious. Then there was much competition and terrible jealousy between Rachel and Leah so much so they both gave their handmaids to Jacob to produce more children. Leah never had the love of Jacob and finally her only solace was to turn to God. Leah and her father Leban, who tricked Jacob should have followed the true God in the first place. None of the 3 were happy in the marriage and if you look into the history of the 12 children (produced from 4 different women) who produced  the 12 tribes of Israel, some of them fought brutally almost and one almost became extinct.

Don't do it there will be much suffering.

At least wait, wait and think about this, evaluate it, does his wife even know about this?

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.
Would you be kind to inform me about the questions below as well please?

If I will convert to Islam the Ministry of Justice from Cairo will allow me to marry with the muslim man already married even without the approval from my Embassy? Is the marriage ended with a marriage certificate? How many days it will take to the lawyer to bring all the papers that we need from the moment of my conversion? I will fly to Cairo just for 10 days in February and I am looking to convert immediately and after to find the person who will take care of the I need to request a muslim certificates once I will convert?
How much time will take for the lawyer until will submit the documents to the Ministry of Justice?


The man who is loving  me is not living with his wife from more than 7 years, he is far from the country as well from long time but the only thing that keeps him married is the respect for his wife and babies (I can't blame him or judge his past)...rather then this they are practically separated. He never got or wished to marry again until we have met and now all what he want to do is to marry legally in his country of origin even he is living in another one. I am asking you this because if we will not have a legal way he want to divorce from her case in which I don't want if we can find other option for competing the marriage. I must mention that we need the marriage certificate not for our love or faith in the relation, for some rules to live in qatar and have a family life without this we can't.

As egyptian Law A man can marry 4 woman if he is muslim. But you need to come egypt. There lots of way to do this with legal papers. But 10 days is not enough. Normally it take 2 months. and you need to go some office bye yourself. I think you need a lawer. But I can confirm you, The solution what you want not impossible , but time killing.

Well if you want to get marry here so there is no such a way to get marry here with the ministry of justice without that declaration from your embassy depends on statutory declaration that you will bring from your country which says that you are allowed to marry.. But for him here he dosen't need to show that document here as long as it is allowed here for men to marry more than one so the government will not ask him to that he can marry or not! But just in case he wants yo hide his marriage from the 1st one please inform him that it is so easy for his 1st wife to check his name to know if he is married or not!
So if you get your statutory declaration from your country and showed it to your embassy here they will give you a document says that you can marry with that document you can marry...
In case you would find any problem you can easily find here any lawyer so he will make for you a marriage contract then he will register your contract in the ministry of justice but with that kind of contract you have to know that you will lose some of your rights here as a wife
Good luck

You are hopefully both fully aware of the fact that your marriage will never be considered legal in any non-Muslim nation.

Also he will not qualify for any EU or Schengen Area permanency based on marriage.

James Experts Team

If I will convert to Islam the Ministry of Justice from Cairo will allow me to marry with the muslim man already married even without the approval from my Embassy?
Please understand that in your case you should marry in the ministry of justice just because you are a foreigner so if you are a muslim or not they will never allow you or even receive your documents without your embassy approval..
In this case so the contract with a lawyer in his office then he will register it in the court will be the best way to do your marriage...
This way is a certificated marriage but will less of rights.. Your right will be only what is written in your contract but if you will not write down whatever you needs so you will not have any rights as a W fe in case of divorce...
10 days won't be enough for you in bogh cases
In case you will convert you will get your certificate after one week at least

For sure it will be totally legal marriage considering the Egyptian law.. And it will be also legal in any such muslim country because the marriage system is always depends on the islamic system wish is allowed the muslim man to marry more than one or marry with muslim, christian and jewish religion...
And if she will marry into the ministry of justice she will get her 100% of marriage rights

With all due respect, I think you are moving too fast. Please read some of the other women's experiences when falling in love with a Muslim man especially one who is already married. I detect danger, danger danger. I have to give you my response because you are woman, because you are a Christian, and because your post came into my inbox. Also I happened to finish a course on the different stages of life including marriage. There is a God-ordained marriage and then there are other kinds of ordained marriages.  One brings happiness and the other is more likely to bring disaster. This man is married and has children. What will happen in 7 years when he decides he wants a 3rd wife and you have made children with him? If you agree with polygamy this is what can happen. It may happen sooner, he can meet his 3rd wife in 4 years or in 2 years. Then you will be sharing him with 2 other women and all the children. In a Muslim country, at the very least, a man when marrying different women must have a house for each and support each of them as well as all the children.

You will be sharing this man with his first wife and his first children. Family is very important to people in Egypt. Would you want him to abandon his wife and children? Because this means he could do the same to you. However, he may even have an arrangement with his wife with her permission because a second marriage to a foreigner brings certain benefits. He is likely telling her one thing and you another. This has happened to many foreigners.

Many women have been told the things you are being told and are crying now on this expat site. Please read their stories. Please take some time. There is no harm to take some time. If this man really loves you he will allow you to take some time. Try to take some distance from your feelings. Talk to more people who can be objective. Talk to people from your own country. Don't fall into the love trap many foreign women have fallen into and are trying to get out and trying to warn other women about.

Dear Emad,

I appreciate your reply.
My Embassy will not give me the approval as much as he will not bring his statutory declaration too and if he will bring it it will show that he is married case in which my embassy will not allow me to get married with him because they doesn't accept the polygamy. He don't want to hide his marriage by no one, everyone knows that we are already into a relation (family, friends, relatives. colleagues from work). We are now living in Qatar as he is already there from more than 7 years.
One of the documents up to the passport, photocopy's, pictures etc is this statutory declaration from both side to my Embassy in which if he is married is not take it in consideration and I will not take the approval. That's why I have asked if someone knows other way then this one for getting which we will obtain the marriage certificate.

I would like yo say that I agree with many of your points but I disagree with putting the word muslim man in your sentences.. The fact any man can know of have a relation with other woman than his wife but the way to call that relationship is different from case to case.. So some of them are called legal, culture, religious, marriage or cheating. So many religions or believe around the world are allowing than man to marry more than one even there are some are allowing the woman to marry more than a man.. in some cities in India the lady must marry the man and his brothers to live all together in the same house and she wouldn't be allowed to know which one of them is the father of her kids..
After all in Islam we have the roles to control the marriage life that's it, so we must be honest of the reason why we can think about it, and we mist be fair with both of the wives which mean to make everything is equal for both of them, and in our holly book it shows how hard to make that equality  so Allah told us "we (as men) won't be fair"
The main point here is why a man will think to marry another one (in islam) or to have a hidden relationship with other woman in different cultures or cheat his wife..
After all me myself i am against that idea to marry another one.. I believe i will fix my problems with my wife 1st if I have some, or I will tell her that I am thinking to marry and will explain to her why I am going to do that and will give her the chance if she wants to continue with me still or not! I believe that's what how it should be.
One other point that I agree with you is that she should check and make sure how much that man is really honest (excuse me to say that) but there're many cases yes that the man is just playing around or he just wants to marry to give the relationship a legal name such as marriage .. So take care but be sure the cases of succeded marriage are so much more.... I won't come on a blog to tell my good experience of happiness but I will come to tell the bad side because I need to share it.. That's what most of people do.
After all it is your decision and your life so I do wish you all the best and the happiness with all your steps in your life.. Please if you think there's any question that we can give the answer, don't hesitate to ask
My best regards

That's great and be sure my words for you are nothing that worried but as long you see that you are on the right path so please allow my to wish you all the happiness once again :)
Well the way tgat you should follow is
1- find a lawyer
2- let him write for you a marriage contract
3- don't forget to let the lawyer explains to you all your rights on your future husband so you will choose some or all to be written in your contract.
4- sign the contract with your husband in front of 2 witnesses whom will sign too
5- ask your lawyer to legalize that contract in the court so it will be officially signed by a Judge which means it's legal
6- ask the lawyer to register it as a normal contract of 2 persons in the registery office but not as a marriage contract which means the contract will be as such any document who you want to register it.
7- by that contract you can request an Egyptian permanent visa then a nationality
8-in case your lawyer in Cairo will tell you that is hard (which is not hard at all to be done), I will advise you to go to sharm el sheikh and find a lawyer there because there in Sharm there's no registry office and there's no office for the ministry of justice.. So most of marriage cases were made by lawyers

All the best for you

Thank you for your time and all the informations provided.
I wish you all the best too.

You are more than welcome dear Kaludia 😀
If you need anything please let me know!
Good luck 👍😀

this lady is not interested in your lecture or preaching, how many wives did King Solomon have, do you prefer a woman to be married as a second wife or to be treated as a girlfriend and mistress having illegitimate children, what are you saying, c'mon the best man will promise marriage and a player want a girlfriend, why the catholic priests sodomised boys, have you checked that
POLYGAMY is the best option to reduce single women and to give them protection from men who want to turn the women into doormats for their own whims and egos and then dump them, so if shes married in a polygamous marriage she wont be available to be exploited by a married christian man who wnat her to be his mistress

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