resident visa in Egypt for retire people

The resident visa in Egypt it's valid only six months but it you travel outside during the six month visa,this will expire and need to make a new visa stamp u.s.$25,00 and go to the vida office fill the form pay Le.8,00 and return day after to get the six month visa on the passport.
But not happy for this,the new regulation to be more complicate will give the car licence only for the six months visa and two times per year make 200 traffic police in El Tur.
Sorry if some one can suggest to the authorithies that with all these trouble will be more convenient for the entry to the cash of the Country to charge one year visa and one year car licence in one time at sale office and charge Le. 1000 for people below 65 years and Le.500 fothe over 65 years. Tunisia welcome the elder people,why Egypt is making difficult to come and stay?

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