Moved to Egypt from Italy , job and transportation!

hello to every one, I moved to Cairo one month ago and Im trying to settle down :)
I need to now few info if it is possible: I dont drive at this moment and Id like to use taxi for moving but many people told me is not safe cause the taxi drivers sometimes rape the women!! There is a taxi company who is safe for women? also Id like to find a job as teacher, what is the easiest way to find it? newspapers, recruitment agencies etc?
Thank you so much!

Regarding the transportation,  you can download "Uber" or " careem " application and private cab will come on location  you're staying and will drop you where you want and price near taxi .

Hello dear
Regarding to the Taxi it is not that dangerous at all so no worries... If you want to just feel better so always make sure that the taxi is driving you the right bath that you know.. Easy taxi is safe too or you can just pick a nice taxi driver then call his mobile whenever you want him! Once again calm down because it is safe..
About the work is it easy to find a job but it depends on your experience as a teacher.. If you are an official teacher and has some experience certificates so you can join a good international school .. If not so you can join a good language school and they are much I can help you with some list of schools depends on where you live as my wife is a forigner too and works here as a teacher (English) ... Please be informed that there are a lot of schools are having an italian classes too...
The point is right now will be hard to find a chance in a school as long as the educational year started so it will be hard to find a place .. So I advise you to search for good nurseries then start to send your CV for the schools on May or June
Good luck

thank you for your advices!!!!

You welcome, good luck

Emad Sharabash :

You welcome, good luck

could you send me pls the list of these schools?

Sure, just if you want to let me know where fo you live so I won't mention some school which are so far from your place!
At night when i go back home I will ask my wife yo make a list to send you

Zahara Nasr city, near Cairo festival mall :)
Thank you!

Great close to us
I will send you tonight the list insha' Allah

Hello Hajar

please check that link your an find private language schools and international schools which are not so far from where do you live … -Teachers/

good luck


check that link too … -nasr_city

Hello Hajar
Welcome to Egypt and would you poz contact me on xxx for discussing job offer for you..,.kind regards
Dr.Hanan Prince
CEO of S.C.C international Grouo

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Thank  you so much!

Hello everyone,

@ hamsswkanzy, if you have a job vacancy, please drop a detailed advert in the Jobs in Cairo section so that members get to take note of the requirements and only those who are qualified may contact you.

All the very best

Thank you very much.

I can recomend for you my taxi driver, the father and the son both run this taxi business
he is known guy very reliable and honest, a bit expensive i say but very safe at any given time
very well car, and good driver... i use him always myself
even when moving with my kids around.....
as for recruitment agencies, As for teacher jobs, well honestly the rehab area and fifth settlment area have few international schools, also in zamalek there are few,
take care and stay safe

hamsswkanzy :

Hello Hajar
Welcome to Egypt and would you poz contact me on xxx for discussing job offer for you..,.kind regards
Dr.Hanan Prince
CEO of S.C.C international Grouo

I sent you a private message.
Best regards.

I also live there if u need something let me know

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