New to Milan - Looking to meet new friends

Ciao a tutti!

I'm Vivian and I just moved to Milan last week. I would like to meet some people to hang out and explore Milan with 😊 I'm 25 and originally from London and I am currently working as an Au pair; I'm free in the mornings, evenings, and all weekend starting from Friday to Monday.

I look forward to hearing from you x

Hi, Vivian,

My name's Giovanni and I'm Swiss, from the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. I studied Science of Cultural Heritage here, in Milan, so, if you want to explore the city, I can show you some little hidden treasures.

Hi Giovanni,

That sounds so good to me! Let's plan something 😊

Are you on Facebook?

Dear Vivian
i have an aupairing agency and yes i can forward you the list of my aupairs in Milan, pls send me your email and tel no, My email is xxx  From Elizabeth in Turin

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I don't have a mobile number yet, but my email address is ++++

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Hi !

I live in Monza and I was born here. I have bben in England and elsewhere.
It should be nice to meet you for a week end.

Bye for now,


Hi! guys if you are interested i would like organize an aperitivo in milan to meet new ppl if you want join is great! Monza....not ?... ;)

Hallo, I have an au-pair agency here in Turin, I can put you in contact with other aupairs in Milan, are you an au-pair in Monza? My best regards Elizabeth

Hi Vivian (and the rest!),

I am also new to Milan, coming from the huge expat community in Hong Kong and I also really look forward to meeting new people here.

Would you like to go out and have a chat some day?


Hi Vivian,

I have just moved here from Barcelona,but I am actually from Liverpool and lived in London for years. How come you decided on Milan? xx

Hi Katie,

Sorry to step in! I am from Madrid but I have lived the last 3 years in HK. I moved here only last week for work. Would you like to have a chat some day?

Hey :) I plan to move to Milan next year. Would you like to meet up for coffee or cocktails? I'm from The Netherlands but I currently live in Egypt... Globe trotter :) lol. XOXO

hi, any meet ups planned for upcoming days?

Hi u r most welcome in milan. I'm also free and if u want we can meet have a drink let me know

Hey guys!
Is there still someone who wants to meet up in the next days?

Hi vivian,you are graciously welcome in Italy,I'm Maxwell,Currently,I'm in Rome.I would like to meet with you when I comes to Milan shortly. Have blessed weekend and see you when I'm in Milan.

Hi everybody, I live near Monza and it would be nice to meetup somewhere!

Hey everyone, I live in Gorgonzola (milan) however i have the train at my disposal!
If you would like to meet up, please feel free to drop me a message! :)

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