English girl in Milano

Ciao a tutti, I've recently moved to Milan for work so would love to meet some other likeminded people out here. Drop me a line if you're in same situation, Alice

Hi Alice, welcome on Expat-blog! :)

I hope you get some nice contacts on the site. Do not hesitate to share your expat experience with us.

All the best,

Ciao Alice! I'm Italian and I'm living in Milan. I'd like to meet English native people, so...Let me know, if you are interested!

Ciao Alice,

i am also looking for people to hang out in Milan, let me know if you are interested

I am here in Milan since last October and I am also still looking for new friends. When you want to meet let me know :-)


Am new to Italy and currently living in Pavia.I like to meet some new friends and would like to join you guys.Just let me know if any plans for the weekend(Saturday)


welcome to Ramki :)

Hi everybody here,

    I am also looking for the likeminded people speaking English in Milan, I have been living in USA for last few years and just now moved to Milan.

   Drop a line if u guys plan to meet up


Gonna sound like a sheep but just moved to Milano as an au pair literally been here two days I live right by corse Buenos Aries (spelt wrong but you get the idea) would love to meet some fellow travellers or Italians who want to make friends and experience a bit of Italy. Anyway if anyone out there wants to go for a drink and chat I'm always up for the Pub. James

Hey what's up, I just moved here for work, american, 23. I do live near a good pub, Birrificio Lambrate, if anyone is interested drop me a line.

Hi Alice, just moved here from California--could use some english speaking friends :) Let me know if you'd like to meet up!


Welcome on board Kaitlyn

Welcome on MicheleS :)

Ciao! Mi chiamo gary e sono a parma da11 years,too long! Anyway se ti potrebbe far piacere a conoscere another english guy,let me know,ciao.

Hi Alice,

I also live here in Milan. Since it is my city, do not hesitate to contact me for anything you might need, or just a tour of the city and meeting new people.

Take care,

Guys r we meeting up sometime??

Hello everyone,

and welcome to Milan for all the new ones!

I'm italian but have been living in London for two years, and I so miss the english language! Please let me know if you organize something all together, I would love to meet foreign people in Milan.

I'm studying at the political science faculty in San Babila, if anyone is close to there and would like to meet for lunch, or aperitivo after work/school, drop a line!


Ciao! Im fairly new here looking for people who speak English! I'm from cheshire, if you fancy meeting any time let me know! x

Ciao! I'm gary,i live in parma,but originate from manchester,you from cheshire,what a.small world it is! If you want to meet up sometime,let me know ciao!

Hi yeah, Well I'm technically from Salford but then moved to Crewe! Lol! I use Facebook more than this so if you have it give me your name and I'll add you I have a private profile xx

So you are a mancunian as well then! How come you ended up here in italy? I don't use facebook:-( to be honest i prefer sms or email,i find it easier that way.

Hi !!

I'm quite new in Milan too and like you I really would like to meet new people ... so why not organizing an aperitivo all together next week ?
What do you think ?

Sounds a good idea,how about a meetup of expats,an aperitivo?

hello you all!!!I'm actually italian but it would be nice to make new friends and know people from all around the world!!!!!


I'm an American graduate student looking for some fun people to hang out with. I speak English and broken Italian :)

Hello everyone,

wow...this is a great idea, this site!!! I would like to join your conversations on here...I live in Chicago, but I would like to move to Milan for a year this fall. I am currently looking for a job in Milan, and I will be visting the city and try to get a job later on in July. If anyone is interested in meeting with me during the period of July 19th-Aug. 4th, please let me know. I would like to learn more about your expriences there and maybe hear some advices, about how to go about getting a job in Milan.
I am originally from Romania, so I am very comfortable with the European life style, but I have been living in the US for the past 8 years, so at this poing I consider myself more an American than Romanian...:-))
I would love to be able to speak Italian fluently, and this is my main reason for wanting to move to Italy...and also for the experience of living in Italy...I only lived in Romania and the US until now.

Thank you,


Hi people i will be in Milano at 6th of July and that will be great to know some people before arrive there hit me back.kamakazi41atgmailcom

Hi Everyone!

I am also new to the Milano area (just moved here from Canada a few weeks ago) and am also looking for some new friends! I am an Au Pair and would be interested in getting to know both English native speakers and also Italians (I speak broken Italian but am always up for a challenge!) Drop me a line if you are like-minded! :-)


I am an Au Pair in Milan too! I have been here for two weeks now and would love to meet others in the same situation. I am 21 from Kent in England and currently do not speak any Italian!

If anybody wants to go for a coffee email me - daisyhenderson[at]


Hello Daisy21!

Welcome to :)


in milan now you can reach me from +393421386034

Hey guys, Just moved to milan from Beirut(Lebanon) a week ago.  I'm looking forward to meeting new people!

If you guys are planning to meet up anytime soon, let me know.

Ciao A Tutti (Struggling to learn italian lol)

Hi I am from Ireland but lived in England for a long time ,now I am in Milano ,it would be great to meet sometime for a coffee and chat . all the best Darren

Ciao All,
I recently came to Milan too. Let me know if you have some plans this weekend and maybe we could go for a coffee or drink.


hey guys !sounds great am an irish girl moving to milan in 2 weeks !would love to make some friends as ill dont no anyone !!also anyone point me in the right direction of where to find some room to rent ?x is an easy site to use for apartment-hunting, and has an English version :)

Hi, I am staying in Milan too, and it wuld be really great to be able to meet some new friends! :)

Another newbie here! Scotch/Irish and just moved over to Milan. Give me a shout if there are any xpat nights out etc!



hi hello, i am Raha visiting milan soon.
i am interested ur friendhsip
you can mail me: manzil75[at]
send me your mail id and phone contact in itali

I'm another sheep - if you guys are meeting up please drop me a line

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