New in Shenzhen want to meet people


My name is Cécile and I'm a french girl. I'm new in Shenzhen and I would like to meet people to discover the city and chinese culture. :)

Bonjour, ceci, je m'appelle Zans.

Nice to meet you and forgive my bad French and welcome to Shenzhen.

Hope you enjoy your staying so far, and I'll be free this evening after 6 if you wanna meet up ;)

Nice to meet you Zans !
Thanks for your reply, I really like to meet you but if it is possible for you not today, are you free another day of the week ?

sure, no problem and would you like to leave your contact info. like social media: Wechat, QQ, or email for me so we could contact each other easier

Hi Cécile!
I'm also want to meet people here. Have u got wechat?

hello there :) This is Cass and would like to work in Shenzhen if there is any opportunity. Any way to look for any opportunity there by any search engine? Thankyou.

Cass,so you have been to China,right?I am a Chinese work in shenzhen ,There are some websites for foreigners to land a job, (the most widely used) , (you get get to know more about this city and meet more people there ,also a good website to find jobs)  this is a Chinese website ,a discussion group ,people share their informaiton for foreigners to look for a job.But it is  mainly written in Chinese.some in English.You can use google translation.If you finally come to shenzhen,I would lkie to meet you.

Hi Cecile,

Yes, i went to Shenzhen 2 weeks ago and currently looking for job in Shenzhen/HongKong. Where do you live before you move to ShenZhen?Hope we will meet soon 1 day. Cheers...

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Hi Cécile,

Welcome to Shenzhen. I just arrived Shenzhen about 6 months ago. I'm at Shekou. Which part of Shenzhen are you at?


Hello everyone, i will be in Shenzhen next Saturday, wish to meet new friends .... Thanks


I am in shekou, shenzhen.

Hi Adam, I'm in Shekou too.

           if you have time lets meet for coffee i have spend my almost 8 years in china.

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