I'm from Iran , Currently i live in Shengzen. i'm looking for friend

I'm from Iran , Currently i live in Shengzen ... i'm looking for friend....hang out with each other ....

Hi, Welcome to Shenzhen. This is Ahsan from Pakistan i am living in sz since 3 years. You should use QQ, Wechat to find more friend. You can ask me anytime for any help. There is my wechat : ahsan1

Hello Mary, my name is Imran. I have lived in ,seaworld, shekou, Shenzhen for 1 month now. I have moved here for work in finance, what do you do out here? What area do you live in? I would happily meet up for a coffee if you like.
do you have wechat?
add me xxx

Will be in beijing next week for long stay

Hi Mary,
Good luck with your China experience.
Come out often and explore the city and make lots of friends here, from them you will get to know many things about China.

I am going to get scholarship for PhD study from Chinese Academy of Science, Shenyang. This is my ID in Skype: xxx
my gmail: xxx

Hey Mary, hope you have been enjoying your new life in Shenzhen. I know a couple of friends who do cool parties in Shenzhen. Ill put u in touch with them.

Still in Shenzhen?

well done.

hello, guys, i am Shirley. I have set up a Expats in Shenzhen wechat group, if u interested in, please add ***

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Hello there,

Are you in Shenzhen?

Duke from USA
whatsapp ***

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