DRIVING Texas to Playa Del Carmen

Im planning on driving from AUSTIN Texas to Playa Del Carmen in the next few weeks.... Looking for any advice on doing the drive.. Good idea or Bad?
Any feedback would be great thanks

I have not done the drive but did a lot of research at one point.  Belize forums is another site for info.  carry about $20.00 in your wallet and hide the rest.  When you cross into Mexico do it early in the morning and be well south by dusk and in a motel with gated security.  The border crossing and the best route south changes over time so not comment on that.  do not have any guns on you. have the vehicle registration in mexico figured out.  get vehicle insurance at the border.

This site will help in planning the route

I drove Dallas to Oaxaca and it was fine.  Same advice as previous - leave Austin early am and cross border around noon. Purchase you r car insurance beforehand.  I'd stop in Saltillo for the night well before sundown. The road gets better and better as you go further south.  Take toll roads wherever possible, maintain the speed limit and only drive during the day and you'll be fine.  Be sure to bring lots of money just for tolls - I'd estimate about $150 or so.  And yes it is a good idea to keep a limited stash in your wallet and hide the rest.

Done the trip 5 times now (Mexico to Canada and back) no problems. Cross at Laredo and travel toll roads most of the way to Chelem (Merida). The tolls add up to approx. $1,500 pesos but well worth it. Our Carman GPS has not let us down in Mexico at all. Safe travels.

Hi Christo
My Mexican wife and I crossed the Texas border at Laredo last Nov. 03 . We were hauling a 28', - 3 horse angle-haul trailer loaded w/ 12,000 # of belongings.. We drove to Merida unloaded trailer ,parked for the winter and returned to Canada via Quadalajara - Mazatlan. 22,000 km. inside Mexico.
Except for the terrible highways, pot-holes and topes we experienced no major problems. Did manage to totally demolish $ 800 worth of Ticul pottery on the way home. Not sure exactly but there is one stretch of highway past Villahermosa that follows the coast-line on the way up towards Campeche. if you're towing, don't go that way . There is a parralel highway to the south.
If you'd like additional info let me know and we could communicate in private

OOPS! Didn't see the date of that post before replying.!

I'm glad you responded. I'm planning to drive to Playa del Carmen later this year from Arkansas and I'm trying to find out as much as I can about the road trip.

I would say don't do it, the roads from the border till about Veracruz are very dangerous, at least that's what I hear, been living in Tampico for 6 month now.

I'm now 75. I made that trip from Canada to Merida in 2014, stayed the winter and returned via Guadalajara, San Carlos.
Bring lots of pesos for the toll gates,'leave your guns at home boys' and don't go looking for drugs and you'll be fine.
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