Buying a car in Peru


To be able to move in Peru, a lot of expatriates think of buying a car, whether new or second-hand.

What are the formalities to buy a vehicle in Peru: car registration, insurance, etc.?

What are the relevant authorities or organizations to contact?

How long does it take and what are the associated costs?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience,


We purchased a new vehicle in May, 2016.  Once the vehicle was paid for, the order was placed and it was shipped to the local dealer from Lima.  Once it arrived, the dealer took care of getting the registration and the license plates.  It took a little over a month for us to get the call that it was ready to be picked up.  We then took a taxi to an insurance company to purchase our SOAT and insurance coverage (you have to have the license plate number and registration info before you can get a policy), then went to the dealer and picked up our vehicle.

As a side note, we were allowed to purchase the vehicle using ONLY our passports for ID.  We had not yet received our CE at the time of purchase.

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