Moving to KL, need help!

So I'm moving to KL and my office is going to be in KL Sentral and my two sons need to go to school.
The school has to be IB or Australian curriculum... and close to my office(?)

I need to find a place close to my officer and the school. My budget for a home is 5,200 ringgits (excluding service charge, etc.) and my school budget I will check for my self.

There is only one school offering the Australian curriculum and that is the Aust. International School which is about 40km south of KL Sentral. There are bussing arrangements.

Fairview offers IB and that is located in Wangsa Maju and travel by the LRT to Sentral would be possible.

International School of KL also offers IB - they have separate campuses for junior and senior … hools.html

Dear ZA21 ..

May i know your office exact location .. ? for accommodation you can look out for Suasana Sentral Loft KL Sentral. I'm also working in KL Sentral (KLS), but my office like 10 mins walking distance from KLS .. my building called 1 Sentral.

You can take a look at below link to check your budget : loft -for-rent?lst=0&fs=1&q=suasana loft &cg=2000&w=109&so=1&sa=378&st=u

Let me know if you have trouble.

The schools close to your office offer the British or Indian curriculums.

I don't really want my sons to go to British or Indian curriculum.

My budget for school is 60,000 for both of my sons... and my home budget is 5000. It doesn't need to be so close, but I've liked a few schools:

International School Parkcity

International School of Kuala Lumpur

Aust. International School

I need to check Fairview. Mont Kiara IS is too expensive for me. My mother who is coming with me and my sons wants the home to be close to our office.

Thank you for helping ;)

First step would be to go to their websites and check out the fees. I am afraid you may get a huge shock. None of these could be classified as convenient or near to Sentral and your office.

There are also upfront fees and deposits which run into many thousands of ringgit.

Another issue is that there will have to be places available in the years you need. Desa Park City is usually full with waiting list.

Fairview is looking cheap... I think... is it far from Sentral?

It about 13 or 14 miles north east of Sentral and about 3 miles from LRT Train which leads to Sentral. Take a look on Google maps. The school recently moved out of KLCC area into the suburbs so its less convenient now. the nearest LRT station is Sri Rampai and there is plenty of accommodation around that location. Probably under your budget as well.

Thank you very much Gravitas :)

Can you tell me if ISKL, AISM, ISP is any good ? I can pay 60,000 for each of my kids per annum . We found homes in Ampang Hilir, Mont Kiara, KL Sentral, Brickfields and Bangsar... are any of them close to Sentral and / or the schools I specified above?

Depending on the Grades you need I don't think they are in your budget - but take a look at the fees. (Not sure what ISP is?)

Mont Kiara is not close.
Ampang Hilir is about half way from the school to Sentral
KL Sentral, Brickfields and Bangsar are close

It would be advisable to look at LRT and other train routes to move around when selecting housing. e.g. none available in Mont Kiara.

Ah okay.

My elder son is in Grade 8 and my younger one is in Grade 6.

Any of them?

And ISP is the International School Park City.

On the other hand, if Brickfields, Bangsar, KL Sentral and (if possible Ampang Hilir) have LRT, will look into them :)

We are going to be visiting Malaysia, checking out housing and school options, and I took a preference to ISP, ISKL and AISM.

Look up their fees and payments at their websites.

First step after seeing fees is to send an email to see if they have places. You cant always get into the school that is your first choice.

What about when I depart for KL.. will I search for homes and viable locations with LRT there?

If you are having a professional "looksee" then they will give you a questionnaire to complete. If you are coming yourself get some plans made. When working in Sentral it is best to be on one of the train lines. The most obvious if you are looking at Fairvew would be the LRT from Gombak to Kelana Jaya. If you decide on AIS then there are a couple of options to get you to Sentral (that would be coming from the south of KL rather than the north for Fairview). This map shoes the lines that go through Sentral and you can see the nearest station to the school is on Line 5 on the right. (click to enlarge) … it_Map.pdf

Hi buddy. Do you know any room currently for rent at suasana?

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