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Hello... I am new to the forum  :cheers:

We are relocating to KL from Abu Dhabi in a couple of weeks time and currently investigating schools. They seem so very expensive!

Can anyone give me a review of Taylor's international school please? We are hoping to secure accomodation in Ampang as my husband works in KLCC.

Any thoughts on the school? Thanks in advance!

Kelly x

Hi Kelly

We are moving to KL from Singapore next week and have put our 3 kids in Taylors. They start school on the 15th June so I can give better feedback once they are settled in. We have rented a place in Ampang too so looking forward to exploring more once we are there even though we have visited KL countless times.

That would be great to find out your feedback! What made you decide to put them there? Anything that stood out? We have never been to KL but have signed on the dotted line and after a trip back to the UK we will arrive on July 27th.... Eeek!!

So you have found somewhere to live in Ampang? I'm keen to hear how you are getting on when you get there in a couple of weeks :)

Kelly x

An important question is how many western-trained educationalists does the school have. The school was recently rebadged and reinvented (i.e. fees raised) http://www.srigarden.edu.my/

Yes Sri garden rebadged and was a local school.

There are "international" schools that are mostly local staff with Malaysian teaching methods, Malaysian pay (is below that of state schools) and then real international schools that teach in an international way (usually British or American with some Canadian, French and German)

Sri garden was the former. I asked someone I know  senior there what changed . Answer was fees went up and the sign changed ! As Taylors invest heavily in marketing for their college and university it makes sense.

Having said that compared to the bulk it is better and owned by Taylors education group who have the incentive to deliver although whether it does only time will tell. It is aimed at locals not expats.

Fees are expensive in international education and I will say again anyone considering a move with kids either needs a package with free education (a proper expat package) or at least 5k net in salary set aside per child for Malaysia. Depending on age min fees per month will be 4k for secondary. That's rock bottom. And I mean 12 months at 4k. Allow 1 k for clothing, transport, additional fees and trips etc.

Many local kids get 4-5k per month pocket money from local.parents. They often get phones confiscated and just buy a new one. You do the math who is well off enough to afford private education !! And how your kids will want pocket money. Lots of it! Then feel like a "poor" expat when you say no lol

Hi Kelly,

We visited Taylor's along with 3 other International Schools during our transition.  Taylors is essentially a local school, with predominantly local students renamed and remarketed as an International school, hence there fees are signficantly lower than other Internationals schools. 

I strongly recommend you visit before you make a decision and then compare to the other schools available.  I suspect this will make an tremendous difference to your decision.

Good luck


You only have to look at the vacancies at schools and see what qualifications and experience they ask for, to work out the teaching standards.


I have sent my 2 kids there and the main reasons are:

1. Affordable
2. Comparing to other school at that range of fees near KLCC,Ampang area, Taylor's quality seems consistent and infrastructure is good.

I compared it to with Fairview and Sayfol.

Taylors is more like local private school but is trying to adapt British National Curriculum. All teachers are local but year leaders are from Ireland or UK. The principal of school was Alice Smith secondary school's principal some years ago.

I can see the school is trying to change to international school and has invested a lot. Year leaders and principals seem to really work on how to make it "international". But I think it takes time to have a consistent and effective system.

Also,it depends on teacher. Some teachers are good and some are not.

So far I am OK with it as it is affordable. I don't think I can ask for higher quality but with lower price :(

Hope that helps.

Hi, we moved to kl this April, After a two weeks survey of schools, we realised its not easy to choose a good school that is also affordable as well. Finally we landed up into Asia Pacific International school which is near Subang airport. My husband works in Ampong n we shifted to Pacific place in Ara Damansara near kids school. I dont know aboutTaylers except that it is very expensive. But we found APIS quite good. We visited Sayfol, Havil, Global Indian, Cempaka, Beaconhouse, The City School. REST we looked at their websites n scared of their fee structure. Education in KL is very very expensive for expats. But its a beautiful city with beautiful ppl around.

If you are looking for a place to stay, consider G Residence. It is near to KLCC and Taylor's. Affordable and yet not on the busy Jalan Ampang. Taylor's is just ok, have a feeling that the teachers fail to understand that the student will only have 1 year at their respective grade. While the teacher may be teaching that particular grade for many more years. So they should not use the kids as Guinea pigs to test out their new syllabus or teaching method!

We moved to KL from Dubai last year and 3 of our kids started at Taylors in Jan this year.

We are happy and so are kids, the student mix is predominantly locals (mostly Chinese, Malays and Indians). There are expat students as well but not a huge number. 

As mentioned earlier by someone, the teachers are mostly locals with year leaders and seniors comprising of expat teachers.

At the end of the it is all about money, as education is another business. They are reasonable as compared to other schools. I would say good value for money.


Just wanted to update on our Taylor's experience so far. All my kids love it and settled in really well even though the week isn't even up! We had a long conversation with the Head who was very reassuring and very competent. I also spoke to all their teachers who were very helpful but the main thing is my kids are enjoying learning and made some good friends already. I'm glad we took a chance on Taylor's  and I hope they continue to benefit from their time there.
I'm not based very far from Avenue K so the drive to school is pretty good as they start at 8am. They have also picked out a bunch of CCA's which has added to their enriching experience here. Anyway do PM me of you want to know anything in particular.

Hi there,I'm so pleased to hear they like it :) I am looking forward to arriving in a few weeks and my biggest fear is schooling - it's reassuring to hear that first impressions you feel like you have made the right choice.

We are in the process of securing a property in suria stonor which is close to my husbands work so I am hoping the commute will work out ok!!

The list of extra curriculum activities looks amazing and my 6 year old has already picked a few she would like to do lol

Thanks for your feedback x

Thank you.

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Hi Noregrets,

Can you confirm that Taylor's academic year starts in Jan? We just returned to Malaysia after many years abroad. Our kid have been in British curriculum systems.  In UK, the academic year for 2014/2015 will end soon and our kid will start Year 4 in Sept.  Our issue is if she joins Taylor, she will repeat Year 3 until November and start Year 4 in Jan.  She will not be a happy camper. And no summer break too. But your kids seem to accept the change in academic year well.
So hard to find good schools that won't break the bank unfortunately.

goofball - take a look at their website


This sort of proves that it is a Malaysian school, following the Malaysian calendar (curriculum).

Real International schools here in Malaysia that follow the UK curriculum and examination timetable follow UK school terms i.e. the school year starts in August/September, with summer holiday in July.

You may consider Asia Pacific International School near Subang air port that is good, economic and starts in Sept.

Hi goofball.  Sorry for the delay in response, intermittent internet which is now thankfully sorted! To confirm it is a January start but it didn't affect my kids so much. They understood that adjustments needed to be made.  You should know that next year they will be going to a 3 term year with 3 weeks off in August for families like ours where going home over the summer won't be such an issue.  I am still happy with the school but more importantly my kids love it and have a full school life with interesting projects and extra curricular activities.
In life we have to make choices based on our personal circumstances.  If you can't afford full on   international school fees like for British International then compromises must be made but overall you may end up in a better position having spent only a third of the fees you would have done and still getting a satisfying education.  There is no black and white answer here - we must do what feels right for our particular situation and I for one am glad that I took a leap of faith in Taylor's.  And this school will be one to watch for the future in my opinion.

Gravitas,  it doesn't make it a Malaysian school for following a Jan intake.  They are trying to incorporate both elements of a Western education  but retaining a level of Malaysian identity seeing it is in Malaysia! Nothing wrong with that if the majority of students come from all around Asia and are accustomed to that academic year.

I cannot agree more with noregrets. Taylors international is a good school and I too am happy with it. Its not the best but my kid is having fun and is learning. There are some who can afford the fancy, "real" international schools and others that cant. You gotta figure out what works on your budget.

We started our kids in primary at Taylor's in January. I must say I agree with the parents here. No regrets. The school is good and striving to become an international school. The teachers are primarily Malaysian but the expat teachers are there to supervise. I can see lots of changes within the past few months within the school. The teachers are capable, friendly and work hard. They have adapted to the British system well. They have talks regularly where parents are invited. Sports is good in the school. Hoping the music department too will have better teachers in the near future. It currently has a very strict teacher whom children don't like. Would be great to have more music oriented activities within the school. The school website has recently been revamped. Communication with parents is superb. Children are given points which culminates to certificates for their academic and non academic efforts. Education is quite balanced. Activity based and theory both combined. Ideal for children. Another good thing about being a local yet international school is more permanent friends than having to say bye to friends each year. They need to learn Mandarin and Bahasa but since its ability group based, its not a big hassle, though another international language for the expat children would probably be better as an introduction. Overall, we are happy about the school and hope it progresses further.

I have recently pull my daughter out from Taylor Puchong. Its started operation Jan this year and we were in Reception. The school is not ready with unqualified teacher. Its so bad to the extend (lazy) the teacher stop my daughter eating grape, telling her its what causing her 'diarrhea' (my girl have on previous week poo in her pant due to shyness as school was just starting and she is not familiar with the teacher. I think its crazy to say that to a child, I forgot to mention my daughter went hungry as i only prepare the grape plus a box of milk for her!! She was hungry on the way home and refused to eat the grape for believing that it will give her 'sick'! I question the teacher the following day but she denied it saying my daughter misunderstood!!! She is only 4 years old, i don't think she can lie that much. Subsequently, during a swimming lesson I enroll my daughter (was after school extra activity we paying aside from tuition fee), my daughter was insulted by a fellow student's mother for fooling in the pool with her daughter. Apparently, the mother shouted at my daughter because she accidentally push the girl into the pool. I was told by a fellow parent who witness it. I complaint to the British supervisor the following day, but she assume me that there is nothing they can do as its after school activity!! Totally unacceptable, best avoid the puchong campus one until its better. Its obviously teething issue they are dealing with now. The KL one should be more established, but its rather old building and no swimming pool.

Btw January start with Nov IGCSEs is not a good idea. The Nov sittings are intended for retakes and  the May sitting as first attempt. The Nov one always follows the same syllabus so can resit but not Nov.

Secondly puts students at disadvantage if sitting A levels or IBDP next. Also applying to UK universities pus students back a year unless they dont do a proper 2 year pre U programme.

The best international schools claiming to be Brittish curriculum always start in Sep ( or maybe Aug).

thank you Felicia for your valuable feedback. I think teacher training and having qualified teacher is a problem in most of international schools in Malaysia. I am fed up with the school environment and its management which though run by  a so called britisher, they are so unplanned for everything and I am paying a lot of money to them as school fee. The principal is a britisher, just an eye wash for that locals. Not competent enough to be the principal.
Teachers do not teacher properly in the class and ask students to complete exercises at home. No hands on activities all rote learning.....I am still confused which school to opt for.

Hi Mrs. Khurram,
Are you referring to Taylors International - KL Branch or Asia Pacific International School.

Taylor's is good enough school but because I am an aggreived parent, I will focus on what was wrong.

This school is extremely money minded and have no consideration for any problems you may face. Even if you are 1 day late (which is 4 months before the next quarter) to inform them for your need to take the child out from school, forget you money.

The education standard and fees compared to other places and countries (e.g. India) is no where closer.

If you are ok to lose money and dont mind spending such huge sum of fees, then its an ok school.
Its just there for commercial reasons.

Hello ,

Here are a couple of International School you can consider for your children.

1. The British International School - http://www.britishschool.edu.my/en/home.aspx
2. Alice Smith International School - http://www.alice-smith.edu.my/
3. Australian International School - http://www.aism.edu.my/
4. Nexus International School- http://www.nexus.edu.my/?gclid=CLShytaA … vAodS74A6g

Home school near Cheras that offers IGCSE program.

1. Oxburgh Academy Malaysia - http://oxburghigcse.blogspot.com/
2. Power Cambridge - http://cherashomeschooling.blogspot.com/


Many on fb recommended Dwi Emas, Sunway Intl School, Sri Chempaka, Sri KL and some resource centres that use ACE curriculum. Those who have deep pockets tend to send their kids to the most expensive ones mentioned above. Another school that is highly appreciated is IGBIS, it is a full IB school with PYP, MYP and DP.

Hi All,

Am new to this forum.

We are relocating to KL and considering Fairview primarily for the IBDP program (final 2 years). Do you have any feedback regarding the teachers there for this key stage?

Any reply is greatly appreciated

Thank you,

I have 2 boys studying in elc interational school in Sungai Buloh since 2014.  Both are very happy. elc International School has consistently measured up with Alice Smith & GIS in terms of # of A/A*s in IGCSE. In the latest 2017 IGCSE results, elc (Sungai Buloh campus) has 71% A/A*, Alice Smith 70% A/A*, Garden International School 69% A/A*.  As an GIS old-boy, I have no regrets sending my youngest 2 to elc - it's value for money for the same type of academic results you would get in Alice Smith & GIS.  The downside is that elc does not have the same level of investment in facilities, extra-curricular activities, and the number of expat teachers.  You do get what you are able to pay in terms of non-academic returns.

Good Evening
I am looking for any updated feedback on Taylors International Ampang. I was disappointed with what I saw this week but would prefer to hear from expats who have experienced the school. Mys son will go into year 10 in 2018 and my daughter year 7.  Need to understand standard of teaching, level of english, standard of behaviour as it looks like a very local school rather than international school. My kids have been accepted but I am also considering Taylors Puchong as it takes 45 minutes in traffic from Mont Kiara to Ampany and 30 mins to Puchong.

Will appreciate any advise!

Hi ,

I am looking into taylors school but i was put off by an expat teacher who I met once mentioned its not great!

I live in subang jaya . Im still looking as I want to relocate my son who is 10 years old. Its a struggle and looking at homeschool options.

Best wishes

I have looked at Taylors KL and Taylors Puchong in the last week as am also looking for schools for my children. Taylors Puchong looks like the better option. Traffic wise even though the KL branch is closer it takes 45mins to get there where as Puchong takes you half an hour on a highway road. Beautiful facilities at Puchong.

Been searching for a primary intl school for quite sometime already and im hoping if anyone of you have/had some experiences already with regards to Taylor's KL primary education so far? I'm planning to put my 2 kids at Taylor's, turning 5 and 7 next yr, for 2018 schoolyr..

Also, I've heard a lot about Sayfol and Fairview.. i hope maybe one of u may help shed light so as to give me a better idea on which school to opt for.. what's more important for me is how well the teachers would handle and attend kids same as their age considering education, behaviour and discipline.. for Taylor's i think security will not be an issue, if from i read is really true though.. hopefully im not misktaken..

Hoping to be enlightened.. thank you! :)


In my not-so-humble opinion, international schools in Malaysia is nothing but money-making engines. I know, it seems like I am making an exaggerated sweeping statement. Well, my friends, neighbors and I have collectively tested-out almost every single international schools in KL ending with nothing but a hole in our wallet and sheer disappointment.

Like what some of the commentators pointed out, there are two categories of international schools in Malaysia; The higher-end (ludicrously expensive) international schools that cater primarily for "first-world expats" and the mid-grade (not-so-cheap-but-it's-not-like-you-have-much-choice) international schools that are targeted towards locals and other expat children. No offense intended. As much as I hate whining parents, I can't bear to see schools not living up to their promises and make sub-standard, financially-driven decisions to make-up for their shortcomings.

Personally, I hired a local tutor to homeschool my children for a year or so. The tutor who is also a doctor turned out to be better than all the other institutions that I enrolled my kids into. Now, he founded a small private school (Brooklyn Smart Academy) and all my kids are studying there. I know it might not be a solution for everyone. All I'm saying is most international schools in Malaysia is not worth the fee that they are charging. I wish there are more schools that are driven by academics rather than rapacious corporates.

International schools in KL ate over priced andnovet rated. I initially registered my kids at Taylors KL for 2018 as we are relocating from SA. The traffic is crazy from Mont Kiara to Taylors and i did not like the surrounds of the school so i have placed my kids at te newly opened Taylors in Puchong which is a half our drive but standards seem good and the school has the latest facilities.

The balance I will find out in January and update all interested.

Schools in Malaysia are cheap. Average fees in Asia are 30,000 USD! My current school charges over 50,000 USD.

I wish I could help... coming in late anyways.


Taylors KL is not bad and convenient if you are going to live in Ampang area. The standard of international education varies in KL. I personally did not like the area and therefore chose Taylors Puchong but its a distance of half an hour to school. Depending on ur budget there is also Stri KDS and a few other options but schools started in August where as Taylors starts in Jan.

Hi, my 2 children have been in Taylors KL for the past 2 years so far i'm satisfied with it no major complain though there are always room for improvement. We are thinking of relocating to Puchong next year and is now thinking if the kids should move from the KL campus to the Puchong campus since its closer. We been hearing that the KL campus is better in term of academic teaching but no doubt puchong has better facilities. Would appreciate anyone who can give us some insight/feedback on the puchong campus since it has been in operation for the past few years. Thanks in advance.

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