Mont Kiara International School

We are relocating in July and have been told that the Mont Kiara area is better suited for where my husband will be working.  We were all set to enter our teenager into the ISKL, but am now trying to find information about Mont Kiara.  I have searched the boards to see.  I'm interested how the school is.... in regards to the high school.  Is it a lot smaller than ISKL??  I can't find any information through the website about size of classes.  I see the graduating class of 2009 was around 50. 

I'd love any input from anyone that knows anything about MKIS.
(wouldn't mind info on great areas to live either.  We are looking for bungalow type or townhouse.  We have a dog and we want a pool.) :)

Thanks!  We are so looking forward to living in KL!

Hello.. Looking at your profile, I presume you are from USA.
I was very close to taking up a job in Malaysia last January, but it is on a hold now. I was inquiring about International school for my son (15 yrs old) and I was only interested in American curriculum. Only two schools in KL has the curriculum and the best one is Mont Kiara Intl School. My good College friend, an Oncologist living in Mont Kiara, recommended it to us. The issue is, you may have to wait to let your child in. I would suggest you to communicate with them ASAP. Good Luck and may your living in Malaysia be the best and happiest.

Mont Kiara is the place for ex-pats.
Your choice for living probably Mont Kiara is ideal.
Bangsar is another popular choice to live.

We can assist you to find the suitable home if you like to mention how many bedrooms/build up and so on.


i-Smarte Realtors

I am Australian citizen living here long time.

Have a nice day


fmg ~ thx.  We had in our  minds that our 15 yr. old would go to ISKL because we thought it was closer to where husband will be working so researched it a bit.  Then we found out his office is on other side of KL and that Mont Kiara is better for his commute.  Looking at the two schools, ISKL looks very big (similar to the American HS she now goes to) and Mont Kiara school looks tiny.  (Pros and cons for both).  I like to hear that it is good, because I feel that is the best choice, but am a bit concerned how small it is.  Thanks for your input.  Also, Yes, we are American so would like it to have American curriculum.  His company will be working on our relocation so once we get the go ahead we will put her on the list.

Halit ~ thx for your reply too.  We have had to switch gears because we were researching Ukay Heights and Ampang area.  They look completely different than Mont Kiara area, but getting used to the idea of  living in semi detached houses, etc.  Will let you know if we need assistance.  Thx


Do malaysian realtors only show listings that they have listed.  We have been here a week and I'm frustrated that we aren't seeing any rentals I have seen when we search online.  I'm wondering if the house hunting is different than in the us.   In the us a realtor shows you many choices that fit your criteria even if it is listed by a competitor realtor.   I'm leaving kl frustrated and without a place to rent.  The fact we have a 7 pound dog threw the realtor for a loop too.  She didn't show us any places that allow dogs.   One place the neighbor had a dog but had his vocal chord cut so didn't bark.  I'm still stunned.   Hope today is better as I'm leaving home tomorrow and leaving the rental task to my husband.

Hi jwd83,

Would like to chip in some opinion. I used to live near Mont Kiara and I find that it is a great place for expats as there are plenty of amenities over there. No trouble looking for supermarket, groceries' stores, food, etc.

They even have guards/officers taking care of the traffic there, which is of prime importance since it could get very congested esp. after school hours. Anyway, I prefer Mont Kiara over other places in KL.

Btw, yes, realtors here only bring you to properties they have listed and not of their own competitors.

Thank you so much for your reply!  I know other countries are different than the US and we should have researched before we started this journey!  Thank you!  We have a better idea of where to look and we sadly, are not bringing our dog because it seems to be such a problem. :(   We will most likely end up in Mont Kiara.  Again, thanks for your reply.

yes. mont kiara is very nice place to stay especially for expat. i believe u and ur family will be comfortable and happy there. it is modern and new place in kl. all facilities are there.

I don't think you'll find many places in Mt Kiara that allow for dogs. If Mt Kiara is your preferred area because of its location, I would recommend looking into renting a house in Bangsar or TTDI area. You can find linked house for about R3,500. The more budget you have, the nicer the house you'll get.

Also, do get in touch with several realtors. Many are not reliable or do not have wide enough listings. Cherry picking is a good way to select the one you feel comfortable with.

Thanks for your input expatypus.  I feel better today after a minor breakdown last night.  I'm taking it one day at a time.  Something will fall into place.  We have decided on mont kiara and I will go home and talk to my daughter about leaving our tiny dog with friends.  The last thing I want to do is offend people by a dog.  I didn't know dogs were a religious taboo.  We have asked our realtor about some choices she didn't show us so will see what happens.  We will figure out the realtor etiquette soon.  We are trying to find info on villa aseana.  One day at a time.... Things will soon fall into place.  Thx again for your input!

jwd83 :

Thanks for your input expatypus.  I feel better today after a minor breakdown last night.  I'm taking it one day at a time.  Something will fall into place.  We have decided on mont kiara and I will go home and talk to my daughter about leaving our tiny dog with friends.  The last thing I want to do is offend people by a dog.  I didn't know dogs were a religious taboo.  We have asked our realtor about some choices she didn't show us so will see what happens.  We will figure out the realtor etiquette soon.  We are trying to find info on villa aseana.  One day at a time.... Things will soon fall into place.  Thx again for your input!

No problem with dogs in Malaysia especially in a Chinese/Indian area. Obviously not in a kampung (Malay village) as many Malays consider them haram (mistakingly) but doubt you would end up in one. Loads of dogs in my condo and loads of dogs in PJ houses. Indeed lots of stray dogs now as round up of strays seems to have stopped - I've been on dog rescue missions for charity and lots around stray

As for realtor etiquette they are like UK estate agents. Don't believe a word. Best to stay somewhere temp for a month or two and check out areas yourself. Mont Kiara is a nightmare for traffic! So check out school run in morning first. Once you see mont kiara you may change your mind. Some hate it some love it.

Btw at 15 it will be a shock to move educationally and socially so you will have issues so be prepared!

thanks nemodot.  Our daughter is actually all for this move, even though the two sports she loves aren't in Malaysia (lacrosse and field hockey).  She even wants the smaller school (she goes to a huge school here in the states).  Now that I spent a week in KL I do think it will be much more difficult than we anticipated. I just need to get through two years and then she will be back in the US for college!

I was actually happy with both international schools (ISKL and MOnt Kiara...the only options as they have American curriculum.)  we looked at both of them and i think she would happy at either one.  The schools were the only positive experience for the week!  I am confident though, that my husband will be more successful at house hunting now that we are more familiar with some of the areas (and how realtors work).  As far as traffic.... my husband goes to work so early it shouldn't be an issue for him and as for me, i just have to get daughter to school.  She is used to going at 6:30am .... and in KL it doesn't start until 8:30 so sitting in a bit of traffic will be okay!  But i can see how the traffic is an issue in Mont Kiara as we walked around there a couple of days to get the feel of the area.  THat is something to definitely think about as we look at neighboring areas...Something i didn't consider.  thanks!

Hello... I am happy for you that you have nearly sorted out your daughter's school and also taken up the real challenge for house hunting. In one of your response, you sounded frustrated; but did not give up! Good luck and I am sure, in the end you would really enjoy your living in Malaysia.
For me, wanting to move to Malaysia, has not materialized as I hoped for. I received a very good job offer (as good as my current job in Michigan) from one of the two local automotive company. My challenge was to convince my 15 year old son and my wife to make the transition. I was unsuccessful. My daughter, who is in Pre-Med program, was also not so enthusiastic! And so, here I am still contemplating when and whether to make my transition, which I want so very much!
I have read a number of Nemodot's response to many queries in this forum and he is very realistic and usually gives/paints the true picture (thanks nemodot).

Thanks.  Yes, you are right... i was very frustrated.  I have even considered not moving over with my husband, but my daughter is really excited about the two year change and I am sure I will enjoy it once things fall into place.  The biggest frustration is the dog.... a seven pound little sweet dog that my daughter doesn't want to leave behind!

It's too bad you guys didn't make the move.  You are in the same position we are in.  One son is off to school in Chicago next year and our 15 yr. old has two more years in HS.  It would have been nice to have someone going through the same thing!  If you do end up making the move..... the two International schools that teach the American System are both very welcoming.

OH... and out of all os us, it was my son who is off to college that didn't like the idea at first.  He will be fine though as my brother lives near the university he is attending!

Thanks for your encouragement...and good luck to you ...whatever is ahead for you and your family!

Thank you for your post. I just made a query through 'homeguru dot com dot my)' and spoke with a gentleman namely Jimmy Yap (from Kim's realty) (phone number (+60) 12-3148238). He said that he knows many places in Mont Kiara area where they would allow Pets. Well not knowing how this agent system works in Malaysia, you may give a try. Also I have a Malaysian doctor friend (he is an Oncologist at Subang Jaya Medical center) who may be able to give you some recommendation if you want. He and I went to school in England. I have to get his permission and then give you his contact. Well good luck and I hate to see you leaving your dog back in USA!

Thanks for your help!  I think we may have just found our dwelling.   Nothing like doing house hunting when one person is there and it is 1:30pm and I'm here (still out of wack sleeping pattern since I returned on Sunday!) and it is 1:30AM! :)  Our realtor ended up lining up viewings with other realtors.  We were trying to trust that the company we are being transferred with knew what they were doing!  We akse the realtor to show us things we found on the web and she lined it up for us.  SO. ... hoping we act on one my husband saw today (a semi-detached house) that will meet all our needs and only slightly over companies allowance!  I'n still worried about the dog... but hoping things work out!  She could count as a guinea pig she is so small!  NOT REALLY.... but she is small! :)  I'm feeling a bit more optimistic now.  Thx for your comments and help!  :)

Mount kiara is very very expat , i wouldn't live there ! Ok personally i had a choice if mount kiara , times square and cyberjaya and settled for cyberjaya . Beats the excitement of moving to a Malaysia yet you are surrounded by Americans lol , or maybe it's Coz i love peaceful and homely places :) mount kiara is too expat for me

Mont Kiara International School is a good school, although few days ago a 12 years old a Dutch boy son of expatriates who just lived 8 months in Malaysia was kidnapped outside the the school.
Hopefully all the International school will now beef up their security both with in and outside their schools and I recommend selecting a school with higher security for it's children.

MKIS "was" a great school. Is it a good school still? Well I guess it all depends on what you are looking for as a school for your child. Its a great school if you don't mind the high fees and good social atmosphere, actually plenty of it. But academically speaking, its crap and joke aside.

Let me clarify, its a nice school with friendly staffs and plenty of facilities. It has the best library of any school I know. However, you are in for a surprise that the more you get to know them the more disappointing you will become. If your child loves sports and really want to excel in it, ISKL is your better choice. But that does not mean that ISKL is a better school academically than MKIS. In fact it is worst comparatively. Believe me I know what I am talking about.

Just to let you know about my experiences at MKIS, I have been a parent in the school since 1998. My eldest daughter graduated with IB diploma on top of her class. She earned the top award from the school, PRESIDENTIAL AWARD FOR SCHOLARSHIP, signed by President Obama himself in 2009. She'll be graduating this year with MPhys at the age of 21. On her last year, i.e. 12th grd, she had a hard time with most subjects. Thats because most of the good teachers had left the previous year. New teachers were just mediocre in quality. Fortunately we, my wife and I, helped her with subjects such as Maths, Chemistry and Physics. My son is now in 8th grd and will be moving to 9th grd high school. Looking at the list of teachers who will be teaching for 2013/14 has alarmed me tremendously. These are the same teachers who presently teaching the same subjects such as maths, science, english etc, and I know for certain that they are just bad teachers. The students are failing, parents are complaining and the teachers and administration staffs are in denial. It is so frustrating when teachers do not pay attention to complain and treat parents as if they are stupid. There was a case I know in 9th grd where a student complain to her mom that she couldn't understand what the teacher was teaching in science.  So off Mom went to see the teacher to clarify the situation and of course the teacher responded with I-know-better attitude, Mom responded back to tell him that she knew what she was talking about shes a Professor of Microbiology at the local Uni. The science teacher avoided Mom ever since.

Anyway, as for my son, I am  looking for alternative school for him right now. Its an inconvenience for me as MKIS is located not too far away from where I live. But truly, I am just dissapointed with where MKIS is heading. The blame I believe lies with the leadership of the school headed by Mr. Walt Morris, Mr Greg Melton and Mr David Munroe.

Hello Jwd83,
I was just looking at your entries and decided to contact you. I am an American and lived with my family in Malaysia. Presently we are located in Germany.We lived in the gated and guarded township referred to as Valencia and bought a home there. In short, it is a home in a resort. Many areas in KL are a bit crowded and heavy with traffic. When you drive into Valencia, you leave all this behind. It’s really an oasis. The expats who live here will not leave. It has all the enmities and is very secure. If you are interested let me know. We just refinished the entire house and it is now available for viewing. 
Best Regards
Mike Silvia

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Academically speaking, GIS is a crap too

Hi ..I am from melbourne and hoping to live in mount kiara to know from personal experience what you think about it. I have three boys and want to  enrol them in the international school..they speak English.????

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