Horseriding for the whole family?

We are moving to Amman.  Can anyone recommend a horse riding school? Preferably one that could cater for 2 years olds through to adults.

I know of nadi al Jawad al Arabi "Arabian Horse Club". Have a look at the page below for more info.

please yo can see my annonce

+962 5 3514007  you can call these Country Riding Center of Jordan
ask for the owner Abu Zaid

or you can also visit this web site

Hi. Did anyone try these hore riding places? I would like to get my kids on a horse. They have no experience and are under 10. Would the place in the above post be suitable?. If they like it, I would be happy to get them regular lessons.

There is to schools one on the airport road and the other one is in the sport city in the middle of amman which I prefer and I go there weekly

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